Just realized that I am living my "good old days"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by footballkid001, May 11, 2011.

  1. k so im realy high right now and just thought of an awesome theory. Like u kno how old guys sometimes talk about the "good old days"? Well I'm 20 in college and was just thinking "these are the days you are going to be reminiscing about how awesome they were in 20 years" Like high school/college, what people say are "the best years of your life." well maybe they are.
  2. Haha what the fuck man, that made little sense.

    basically your saying live college up because you want to rememeber it?
    I think everyone does that anyways but nice theory :)
  3. no. i think he said hes reliving highschool? god dammit I don't know what the fuck to make of this. :(
  4. he's saying right now, he's living in the time that in 20 years from now when he's a 40 year old man with a family ( or not, but whatever ) he will reminisce about and think " those were the good old days"

    which is true, so enjoy em while they last. :hippie:
  5. Nah thats a bad way of lookin at it.

    You grow and learn from every experience. Some take away more than others, but we all grow wiser over time. Your best years can always be now. At least until you get REALLY old. Eventually you start to regress into a child again.
  6. no. we are all wrong. please explain OP

  7. no seriously i think i got it right...it doesn't seem like he said anything that complicated to me?:smoke:

  8. I can not seem to relate what you and he said. I don't know why lmfao
  9. I'm in the same boat with ya OP. Women are finally filling out, indepence, sex is still amazing and doesn't happen only 3 times a year, and I can keep the weight off.

    I'm enjoying each day as it comes. We'll grow old one day, but I know i'll look back on it with a smile

    :smoke: Love that Mary J
  10. Oh I GET IT NOW!!! Okay I feel like an idiot, sorry. And yes, it's true.

  11. are you really stoned? that could be it hahaa

  12. No I get it now, posted already :smoke:
  13. I believe he means hes living the good ole days without realizing it... I got you bro

  14. How the fuck did you get to college? Bro the good old days are the past. I am 18. So the good old days for me would be middle school/beginning of highschool. Good old days for you would be the end of high school. When you start working they are gonna be when you are in college. And when you get promoted they are gonna be of when you were a lackie. Good old days is another way of saying reminiscing on the past. And as far as college/high school being the best years of your life. Thats bs. Every year of my life is better then the next. When i am 96 the year i turned 95 is gonna be the best year of my life.

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