just quit my job. what to do?

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  1. its been a really bad and stressful few weeks for me. to make matters worse i just quit my job today. i wasnt even making $100 a week there anyway. fuck it what am i some kind of fucking slave? they really expect me, a 20yr old grown man with bills to be able to live off of such shitty pay?! fuck that shit i deserve better than that. everyone there besides a few people were douchebags anyway.

    anyway, i'm about to go buy an ounce of some mids and get uber fucked up.

    so, before i go i'd like to ask what type of jobs do you all work? do you like your co-workers? boss? good pay? i'm just trying to get an idea of what kind of job i should go for next.

    P.S. never work for a grocery store. mcdonalds pays more than that shithole i was working in. WTF?

    P.S.S. what is, in your opinion, the best way to get uberly fuked up? i'm talking to the point where i feel as if i'm in a whole different dimension?
  2. sorry about your shitty time dude. but i gotta get in here before the "DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON WEED, SAVE IT TIL YOU NEED IT" posts.

    If you want to get truly fucked, make a gravity bong or lung and hit it 'til you pass out.
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    So, instead of hanging onto your job and make money, even if was hardly anything, until you find a new one, you quit and are now stuck with no money and bills to pay. To top it off, you say you want to buy an ounce.

    Smooth move, buddy. Smooooth. Obviously, you should be a financial planner or life coach for your next job.
  4. sucks you quit. could have tried to get fired so you can go on unemployment or something. definitely don't buy mad weed. if anything buy like a dub and then go without herb until you can figure something out. i'm in the process of looking for a new job. i haven't blazed in like a month waiting to see if i need to take a drug test or something. good luck to you man.
  5. You could try those online surveys they pay you for


  6. I work at the lawn/garden center at a wal-mart, It's pretty easy. I'll walk around 15 minutes looking at flowers and bags of mulch pretending to be "zoning" hah kind of ironic, but anyways I'll get a customer every so often that needs some mulch or some dirt to be loaded. Sometimes its a pain because someone will get 60 or so. Other than that, I run the register a few hours some days, depending whose working. My employees are really cool, the managers arent too strict, and I get to check out girls all day (you'd be surprised what you see at wal-mart)
  7. i'm getting my last paycheck from them next week and i just got my current paycheck today. so, maybe you should stfu?
  8. Wow, you really have NO foresight, huh? I can't believe you missed the point of that....
  9. Yeah so now you have less than $200, a lot of which you're going to spend on weed, and then what? His point is still valid: now you won't have a continuous income :rolleyes:

  10. Man, In this world It always has and always been about who you know. When it comes to anything. I suggest you start meeting a ton of people and eventually you'll get places.

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