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Just puked after smoking all day.. STOMACH PAINS!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongHits420x, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. So I've been smoking non stop for a few days and all of sudden my stomach starts to ache... Upper/outer park of the stomach deep inside just starts to ache and hurt... Well about 10 minutes ago I just puked twice, I felt a acid lump there all day like I was going to puke any second.

    What could of caused this? EATING TO MUCH? I've been scarfing everything I see ever since I started smoking so could this be the problem?
  2. I'm having the same issue right now! Just smoked a new medical strain and I have super indigestion. I smoke lightly and eat a more liquid diet atm.
  3. maybe food poisoning if you're eating too much? I dont think I've ever smoked a bud that made me throw up.
  4. Puked over 10 times now... and I'm shivering/goosebumps for some reason... This fucking blows, what could it be?! Moldy weed? Eating to much? Food poisoning?
  5. "Smoking non stop for a few days" thats your problem.
    I remember throwing up on 420 for smoking to much.
  6. Just eat less, I had the same problem. I know it seems impossible.
  7. You don't sound too bad, get to bed my dude. :)
  8. agreed with the above poster. dunno if youre high or not but either way, get yourself some water and go to sleep, just let your body rest and youll be fine.
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    MJ has been know to have some sort of stomach issues......when you smoke alot! It happened to my friend who smokes too much also Travis Barker from Blink182

    its rare but it does happen
  10. definately laced with black tar heroine dude get to an ER
  11. Dude you must have eaten too much or something bothered you.

  12. No, that is definitley not the problem. No amount of weed will make you sick, unless there is something already wrong with you.

    Sounds to me like you swallowed some smoke. In my 10 years of blazing, that's the only things that's every brought me close to greening.

  13. For sure, like its fact. They use such miniscule amounts that you don't notice it and it just adds weight. Call 911
  14. wong. look up cannabis hypermesis
  15. you over ate, i did it once.

    was sick, because the barf smelled like doritos and buffalo chicken pizza and it made me throw up more.

  16. I guess you could be one of those 1 in a million with Cannabis Hypermesis OP.
  17. Only puked twice this morning... Feeling a bit better, smoked and took a shower this morning and I felt better... Still headache and aching/shivering... Must have been some random stomach virus, thanks for the replies
  18. And what about the people that green out and get sick?

    It can obviously cause some people to get really sick if they've had too much, and if you've been smoking all day over multiple days and you're not used to that you could be enticing a green out.

    Doesn't happen to me, probably doesn't happen to you, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Seen it maaaaany times. Had absolutely nothing to do with what they were eating.
  19. Like I said, greening out is caused by swallowing the smoke, and it gets absorbed into your stomach rather than through your lungs, in return making you feel like shit, and sometimes nauseous. If you ever get that hot, sweaty feeling after a toke where your stomach starts to hurt, you swallowed the smoke..As well it can be caused by Hyperglycemia.

  20. Well I got a fever now... temp is 99.7.

    Maybe it was just a coincidence I got sick after getting bud..

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