Just popped 3 percs!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Corey72, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. :hello: Should be on the itchy highway to happiness soon! :hello:
  2. haha nice I'm about to do the same!
  3. I wish I had some oxy right about now. Enjoy those percs.
  4. 3 5mg percs for me too :p
  5. I have 2 oxy 20s waiting for me :)

    Have fun man.

  6. Lucky bastard.
  7. i don't like the itch thats why i don't do pain killers

    there is so many better drugs
  8. mine were 10/325s. I gotta lay off em for a while im building to much of a tolerance. 3 used to get me goin for a good while now its like a hour or so :(
  9. isn't this what the opiate appreciation thread is for?

  10. I thought so.

    But, this guy's too good for that crummy ol' thread, mate. He needs AND deserves a new one. :wave:
  11. I just did 3 M30's should be feeling great in a bit.

  12. yea that's what i figured ;)

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