Just picked up a new chillum, check it out

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    Decided to get a chillum because it seems everyone and their brother doesnt know how to use one properly, and it is the first type of pipe I ever smoked out of... picked it up for 20 bucks at my lhs, let me know what ya think




  2. That, sir, is beautiful. I particularly like the little turtle (at least I'm pretty sure it's a turtle) detail. And nice buds too!
  3. Looooovvveee hitting my chillums with some bee-line and holding it the "proper" way. nice pick up man!
  4. Thanks man! taking advantage of that right this moment :hello:

    And, it is indeed a turtle!
  5. One day in, starting to show some more color, I love this thing! Chillums are a lot of fun, and get you surprisingly high!

  6. I'm definitely getting a chillum when I get back to college. For now just have a little bowl both there and here.

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