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  1. So tonight I went out with some friends to the bars and I had 4 beers. Granted I don't drink a lot, but I'm a kinda big guy at 6'3" and I work out. I drank the beers over 2 1/2 - 3 hrs. and then I smoked a bowl when I got home.

    So I'm chillen pretty high and feelin those beers. An hour or so later I go to the bathroom. Now normally when I stand up I get light headed, I've done some research and believe its because I work out and my heart is in good shape so it beats slower and takes longer to get blood to my brain after I stand up. I get up and I start walking and I feel the light headedness coming and my vision goes but I'm able to stay up. I go on thinking I dodged a bullet.

    I get to the bathroom and pee. And then I think I sat down to poop and just have a nice sit down (I can't remember if I was starting to feel bad while I was peeing or not). Any ways I stand back up to wash my hands and get outta there, and then I feel another light headedness coming. I stay standing thinking I can take this one too! My vision goes. I look into my eyes in the mirror. Its as if I'm looking into some completely other persons eyes. BAM! Buh-BOOM! Next thing I know I'm getting off the ground, hearing my mom ask if I'm ok, and I say "yea yea" and start picking up the the shit I knocked over.

    Now I'm turning to you, in the science forum, to help me diagnose this situation. This has happened to me once before. I went to a bar and I had about 3 drinks before. I got to the bar and I got hot and passed out. It doesn't happen all the time I drink though. I think it has something to do with my circulatory system. What will alcohol do to your blood, blood vessels, or heart muscle?
  2. Perhaps a medical doctor could help?
  3. Not at this time of night.

    I'm not too concerned but if any one had any information they would like to share I would appreciate it.
  4. yeah ive done that alot before its the blood not going to your head fast enough, my doctor told me i needed more salt in my diet and that would work.
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    what color was your pee. if it was dark (like amber color) drink lots of water, even if it wasn't drink water. Drinking beer dehydrates you and if your already working out and not drinking a lot of water adding beer to it will make it worse.

    a simple way to see is to press down on your fingernail. if the white under your nail takes a bit to go away you need to drink water. normal is for it to be gone about as fast as it takes you to pull your finger away.
  6. brain tumor
  7. Good suggestion on the water but I drink water like it's my job. I was actually drinking water right before this happened.

    As for the salts, they are probably pretty low in my system since I do drink so much water (not many electrolights in water). Are salts factors of transporting oxygen to the blood stream, or to the brain? Do you need salt in your blood stream? I thought potassium deficiency because where the hell do I get K+ from in my diet.
  8. Salts make the water in your blood more dense, which increases blood pressure. If your blood is not pressurized enough, it will not be able to flow upwards against gravity.

  9. Potassium deficiencies usually strike the legs before anything else.... wake up with mega sore legs.... get those EXTREME leg crams in the middle of the night, or when awake (worse when they happen standing up). You feel like you are weak walking, not weakened, but that your legs just can not walk as completely as they used to....
  10. Im not smart enough to answer but I have a similar story if it makes you feel better. I find when standing to fast I get lightheaded also (most the time I can control it). Except this one time I get up and start walking to the bathroom, I almost make it but right as I get to the door I just black out and hit the floor. Unlucky me my moms in the next room and asks what happened and I just laughed and played it off.

  11. Lol i wonder if its a going to the bathroom thing.... last time i had a blood sugar crash (very similar, you get the head rush, then you get pale as fuck, lose vision, tingle all over) i was in the bathroom lol
  12. lol wow it seems like its all related, must be something to do with our damn bowel movements.

  13. Lol the only difference, i wasnt going to the bathroom, i was just in the bathroom letting my ferret splash in the bathtub hahahahahahah
  14. Something too look into.

    Orthostatic hypotension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I kinda have this also. Last time that it was big I crashed into the big 60" tv and knocked some doodads and knick knacks off. Sounds liked deep ringing bells while I blacked out. Was completely sober then.
  15. Yes all the things about salts seem right. I will get some more in me, and I'm sure I could use some potassium.

    As for the ringing, when this happens I remember hearing the sound of my fall. So I must not be like totally gone, possibly just visually impaired and then muscular impairment.
  16. It could be a motor-neuron disorder like Lou Gerigh's Disease or PMA. Or maybe just a form of Prion disease like spongiform encephalopathy. Even multiple sclerosis.

    It could have been a minor stroke or cerebral aneurysm. They absolutely occur in young people from time to time.

    Maybe it's an onset of previously undetected epilepsy.

    Or maybe it's not your nervous system, maybe it's your heart. Maybe you have Endocarditis or an environmental cardiomyopathy.

    Take your choice!

    ... or maybe -- Go see a doctor.
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    lol, my mom is a hypochondriac (very very mild), lets say she got a head rush one day, the list you just said, she would be convinced she had until a dr tells her shes ok lol. Its so goofy

    She gets a scratch, 2 days later, it isnt fully healed, omg she has hemophilia!!!!!
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    Haha that's funny but it's also gotta stuck, must be stressful to always be looking for those kinds of things.

    Similar stress disorders are not uncommon in pre-med and nursing students. Learning about the wide range of maladies and pathologies can burn into your personal life. It takes years of clinical practice to be remotely capable of diagnosis and interpreting symptoms, and even then it's far from perfect.

    I'm a little bit of a hypocondriac myself. I had some bad injuries when I was younger, and a little bit of osteoarthritis as a result. But every once in awhile, when it gets bad, I start convincing myself that these are the onset symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (much more debilitating and difficult to treat). So far, so good. :p
  19. Eating a banana helps me when my electrolytes are out of whack, esp in the heat this time of year. Also, monitor your blood pressure daily...
  20. Let's not create another Mad Cow disease scare.

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