Just paid for my new bong on GC!

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  1. Just placed my order for a new bong, after my mom found my other one =( this time I went the not too expensive road in case something like that happens again.



    hope i can post gc links.

    ANyways I was wondering, what kind of interesting upgrades there are to bongs I can do? If any.

    I have a question about the diffuser and downstem, how do I get a replacement for that bong, it says 18.8/14.5 what does that mean? and if I want a custom type downstem what would I look for?
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    Sweet looking bong man.

    as far as the downstem goes, those are the measurements for the size of downstem you need to fit in your bong.

    Enjoy the new piece
  3. I recommend a new downstem it will hit a lot better. Not a bad pickup. A diffused downstem will do wonders. Let me know if you have any questions on what that is or what is best.

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