Just Ordered SYN + Alex K! (was ELHE vs. Black Leaf)

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    EDIT 2:

    Just ordered! Glad to have ordered from a US site. Such a load off, and hopefully they will arrive faster! Though now I have to try to find bud for Friday! Haha. :D

    Thanks for the recommendation smoky! I couldn't find anything affordable on that site... they didn't have EHLE, and I didn't really know what names were good... but I remember reading some good shit about SYN somewhere. +rep!

    I've decided I am definitely getting some combination of EHLE products, because they seem to have a good name going, and they aren't nearly as pricey as Roor is. Plus, I've only been smoking for 6 months. I don't want to start sinking too much money into this "hobby" (as I like to call it).

    SO, have ~$170 is spend on any combination of bong, a/c, diffuser, filter, etc. I just want a straight cylinder style with ice pinches.

    Sorta looking at this now:

    EHLE Glass - 5mm Ice Cylinder Bong - 37cm (Link)

    Hey all, I know there are a million of these threads, and I have searched both Black Leaf and EHLE in the forums and read all about them, but I just had to post and hopefully get some opinions about these two bongs compared directly.

    I am selling this semester's books tomorrow, and am hoping to get around 100$ for them (as of now this is a bit of a pipe dream). Anyways, if all goes according to plan, I want to get a 50-60$ bong, and the rest on a precooler a/c kinda setup. I have been looking at straight tube styles with ice pinches, and had narrowed it down to a 250mL EHLE w/ an EHLE Bottleneck Precooler. The bong is 51$ and the Precooler is 53$. All glass-on-glass. I want to get pieces for ease of cleaning and ability to use with other bongs later on (rather than getting a bong with a built in diffuser/precooler/perc that won't clean as easily).

    ANYWAYS! Read that the EHLE only use 3mm thick glass unless otherwise noted, and also saw that the 250mL only use 2.5mm.... That worries me, so I starting looking at other options and found a similar spec Black Leaf that states a 4mm glass thickness, and is 6" taller for 2 dollars more (though I also read that this measurement is exaggerated, i.e. the BL is only 3mm too... :/ ).

    Any insight as to what I should do? EHLE Bong + EHLE Precooler, or Black Leaf Bong + EHLE Precooler?

    EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 250ml (Link)
    Black Leaf Glass Bong - Golden Dragon Series (Ice Straight) (Link)
    EHLE Pre-Cooler - Bottleneck (Link)

    Also considering getting a RooR steamroller for a first glass pipe choice... only 12$. Might as well.

    Roor Steam Roller Pipe - Mini (Link)

    PS - I know I linked another site... but it's purely for informational purposes, and I see other people do the same, so please don't respond to this thread only to comment on that.
  2. EHLE...
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEsTvFBLYi0]YouTube - EHLE 2[/ame]
  3. Get the EHLE for sure. I have that same bong and I'm not sure if it could support an ash catcher to be honest, you might want to look into that.
    If I were you I would get just the tube, an EHLE diffuser and a couple glass screens, the stock bowl has a huge hole
  4. Ehle for sure.
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    Damn it's pretty unanimous. Shocking. haha. Clearly going for the EHLE I guess.

    I saw vids on youtube of the 250mL guys with a/c. If it can't support the weight, that I will just set the a/c aside for use other day with another bong. ><

    EDIT: Thought I would see what a RooR in the same volume would cost, and looks like all the 100ml and 250ml RooRs use 2.5mm thick glass too, so Imma save the money and just go for the EHLE.

    EDIT 2: Would it be worth it for me to get the same EHLE (250ml, straight tube, ice pinches, etc) but in the 5mm thickness? It's almost 3x the cost... 131$. At that price point, I'd be getting JUST that. No a/c, no steamroller... How much energy should I focus on the thickness of the piece? Seems like thickness = quality and longevity.

    EHLE Glass - 5mm Ice Cylinder Bong - 37cm (Link)
  6. In my opinion, I think you should spend your money on a solid tube and add on as you get more money. Both of those pieces are really thin and I think in the long run, you will save more money buying a thicker piece. If you're not set on getting an ehle, syn makes some nice 5mm tubes for around $110. Also, it comes with a diffused downstem (not the greatest) so that will save you some money as well.

    Just my 2 cents
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    You're right. I got more than I expected from my books... $125, plus I have a 50$ cash back check coming in the mail, so it's all found money. I had completely forgotten about it.

    I should get a better piece, instead of a shitty piece and an add-on.

    Looking at getting this. Basically just the 5mm version of the one I was looking at. Is 5mm worth that price? Will the difference be noticeable?

    EHLE Glass - 5mm Ice Cylinder Bong - 37cm (Link)
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  9. ehle is much better than black leaf in quality and reputation.

  10. ELHE uses same glass quality as roor.de
  11. Hopefully SYN uses similar quality, because I just ordered a 5mm thick piece from them. So excited, was told it will ship out today!
  12. yea it might be the same glass but its not the same thickness
  13. Good choice on that SYN and Alex K, that's a great first setup. Hope you enjoy your new bong man :hello:
  14. I have a SYN like that, but it has a beaker bottom with 1 perc.
  15. Not the biggest fan of the beaker bottoms. I don't know. I like really standardized things, I think that's why I like the cylinder type, "straights," whatever you call them. I honestly never wanted to own a glass piece until I saw the straights. As I mentioned in my first post, I may get a steamroller down the road. I could never get behind spoons because they are all so different and shaped different (though many are BEAUTIFUL)...
  16. There's pretty much no reason ever to have more than one straight tube unless you feel like wasting money or passing a couple around at a party or whatever. Focus on attachments and such first.

    EDIT: I read the post wrong. Good looks on getting Syn, have fun.
  17. Yeah, I am super pumped about this. I hope it comes this week! It will be a good weekend if it does. :)

    Thinking I'll buy an a/c next month. I can't afford anymore fun this month. I have to replace an O2 sensor on my car... which is 160$... the amount I just spent on a freaking bong and stem. >< DOH!
  18. Just got shipping information. Unfortunately I won't be getting my new pieces until NEXT week. Next Wednesday to be exact. Imma take a T-break until then (conveniently about to smoke my last bowl), that way my first experience with that bong will be extra special (though my manager usually smokes me out every Monday around 1. :/ ).

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