Just ordered an Iphone 4

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Self_Exile, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. My end-date for my current straight talk phone is up in 3 days, so I decided to upgrade from my current Droid phone and buy a Sim Card and an Iphone 4.

    Good decision? I've already ordered it and I think it's going to be amazing :) Never had an Iphone before...fucking expensive though since it's no contract. Paid $305 for a "Like New used" from Amazon. $16 bucks for the sim card.

    I can't wait to get it though! And it beats a contract in the long run for it only being 45/month unlimited.
  2. If I was sober I'd probably be like "Damnnnn.I just spent a lot of money!" But since I'm not I'm like "Daaammmnnnn...this nutella sandwich is good."
  3. nutella... ahh yes :p
  4. You should have waited for the iPhone 5. It comes out this year.
  5. brool story crow.

  6. I don't have a plan so it would be like 1000 bucks without a contract lol. I'm fine with this one for now.
  7. Jailbreak it and you will really enjoy it.
  8. $16 for a sim card.... dam.

    What data speeds are you getting on your current provider? Iphones are good quality but i prefer android os, google is the future, android that is.
  9. Nice buy man the phone 5 will be steller with its quad core. But you can unlock your I phone an get any app for free. My uncel did that with his I pad 2 its pretty slick. I'm on t mobile so I got the galaxy s1 no I phone yet.
  10. Yeah android is pretty slick hydroriffic I got mine running cyanogenmod 7 with a team whisky keirnel. IV had it up to 1.5 ghz so far cuz I took my FPS cap off. An run up to 73 FPS. IV yet to finde a newer phone to wow me. Cuz my step makes my hone super fast cuz I don't got all that bloat ware holding me back. The I phone is a good phone as we'll it just can't be cuztamized as much cuz the way the os opperates
  11. Can you explain some things that can be done on a droid that can't be on an iPhone? A jailbroken iPhone has complete control over the OS you can do anything you would like to. And as you were saying above your uncle jailbroke his iPad you can do much more then get free apps. Btw you can unlock and iPhone to run on tmobile.
  12. Well since people have been replying I guess I'll give you guys an update lol. I received it a few days and I jailbroke it of course. Haven't really done to much to it though I do love how fast the internet is on it.

    Anyways, I'm on that Miller Highlife!
  13. Get the GC app :)
  14. Haha already got it bro! Anything else you recommend to download? I got like a flashlight, and fuck...i dont even know what else lol I'm pretty drunk.
  15. Get Leafly, its a strain guide type app, user inputted
  16. If you haven't in cydia add the source cydia.hackulo.us/ and add installous, it will have every app in the appstore free.. Also add the source ihacksrepo.com/ it will give you every tweak pretty much available free as well as really cool themes, again free.. Download dreamboard and some of the dreamboard themes they are pretty sweet. Try out os x lion in the Ihacksrepo dreamboard section!

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