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just moved and left everything

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mega24v, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. so i recently just moved to tennessee for the summer and left the bag with all my glass and weed in it back in MN at my dads house... i told him he could smoke it so it dont go to waste but how do i go by finding a new dealer in a new place where i know nobody??? :(
  2. Go to a place in your area with the most population, that will prob be filled with malls, fast food places, just ask around. I just found a new connect like a week a go getting a haircut.
  3. i have found lots of gym rats smoke due to not wanting to drink
  4. Order a pizza and ask the delivery guy where he gets his chronic
  5. This ^ or go to your local bar or headshop and ask around but not your first time visiting there. Most people at bars and headshops are repeat customers, and if your a new guy walking in asking for bud you'll sem like a narc. Go to the headshop get a piece, then wait about 3 days, come back get screens and papers and casually say "blowing through my herb to quickly haha" then leave. Then come back about 4-7 days later or whenever and after looking around and buying something ask someone in there if they know where to get some herb. Never say weed, because usually the headshop owner will kick you out. Good luck op.
  6. thx for the help i think ill order a pizza and go to the head shope tomorrow... :smoke:
  7. this or just order some seeds and grow your own plant or 3

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