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  1. well, ive been looking at these forums for a while, and just started grwoing my own. started a plant outdoors and brought it into my closet when it got cold, the plant is doing fine, so i decided to start another one with some better seeds, i have been growing with 4 floro sets, each has 1 cool white and 1 warm bulb, slanted against each other over the plant in a 3x3 space, at 40w a piece i think they should be fine, but im jut making sure there isnt anything im missing......

    / \
    / P \ setup is kinda like that with 4 sets and a 12
    / PP \ inch fan blowing on both plants, one plant is branchy as hell because i was topping it, but that was just a trial so im no to much worried about it, this next one is some better smoke so i want it to be right.... i have been using 20-20-20 plant food every 3 waterings, and the big plant has been taking it fine, is this what i should use on my little one when the time comes? my little one is about 2 weeks old and has 4 nodes coming off with very broad leaves compared to any plant ive seen grown, thinking it might be the strain and hoping for the best. light cycle is on 18/6 because im almost ready to bud my big one just got to figure out a way to make my closet into two halfs for the 2 different light cycles.....if anyone has any ideas or comments on my grow please feel free to give me suggestions, i would greatly appreciate it.
  2. forgot to mention, the temperature in my closet is between 79-89 degrees F is this adequate or should i try to keep it a little cooler? i have a heat lamp that i turn on every now and then to get a little more light, i was using it for germination on the top shelf of closet but figured wth there is no since in it going to waste, when i have it on tyhe MAX temp is 92 degrees at the tips of the plants.........dont ever leave it on more than about 2-3 hours, is this good/bad or questionable on the productivity of my plant?

    another question too, my big plant is about 18 inches tall and bushy as can be, doesnt look to be getting much taller, should i go ahead and flower it or just let it keep doing what its doing? if i can get my digital camera to work tonight i will post pictures of both and of my setup
  3. my baby

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  4. lower the temperture, and also if that plants the one get watered every 3 days with the 20-20-20, i'd ease back on that now as it looks like the strt of fert burn.........just give it water for a week, and see how it goes.........Peace out.......Sid

    ps if it still gets worse, flush the soil straight through with oh adjusted water.............
  5. well, i appreciate the advice, but that little leaf is actually a clipping, the original picture was to see the difference between the leaves, but this forum wouldnt let me post the whole piture so i cropped it down... if i figure out this damn camera i will have all my pics posted.............
  6. and your rooting this cutting in the same pot as the other plant??............Peace out......Sid
  7. actually, its not even planted, was holding it next to the other one.......going to have to get more pics to show it better........what would you say an ideal temperature is? and do you have any suggestions on how to split a closet into 2 different light cycleS? or maybe even an easier way of doing it......been busting my brain and dont care to much about stealthieness considering my mom noticed the plants within a week of having them ;-) actually, me bringing in 4 shoplights didnt help the matter much.........

    dont remember if u said 20-20-20- was a good fert, i dont water it everytime witht that, more around every other time, or every 2 waterings......hasnt shown much sign of not liking it, the very bottom leaves have gotten spots on them, but, other than that all the new growth and the majority of old growth has been ok........would u suggest starting the new plant with the same fert or getting another kind?

    also, i was thinking about upgrading my lights, i can get my hands on a ballast and a 400watt light, but not to sure about wiring.......do i just go straight from 120v to ballast to light? if so then i should be able to pick up a light fixture at lowes and get thaat running within the week........would that be a wise idea for a 3x8x10 (DxWxH) closet?

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