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just made some iso hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by slarzon, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. i hope it works i washed 2 grams of stems 2 times 20 second washes the alch looks kinda green i hope it works did it in desperation damn long ass pay periods i get payed every other week it sucks and im broke
  2. I hope it works too
  3. ya i got like 2 gs to last me a week i am vaping than smoking the vape poop lol btw i love your sig lol
  4. Green = chlorophyll getting into your wash. You'll still have the goods you want however, it just might taste a bit plant-like. Have fun with it, love the stuff.
  5. just went to go check it all the green was is gone now idk lol im not even stoned
  6. 2g's of stems will get you next to nothing lol. I just did about 14g's of stems and only got about a gram of hash.
  7. wasent just stems some keaf vape poo and other things
  8. Good use. :)

    Edibles toooo.
  9. meh most of the time i just throw it in my bong bowl and smoke it after i am done vaping
  10. Sorta defeats the purpose. :p
  11. nah you just get double the high i dont vape all the way and then throw it in the bowl for the lazy high with the up high its awsome its like indica and sativa at the same time
  12. Haha. I feel ya'. Hey, it'd make for a extra long sesh.

    Vape in the morning and then combust at night anyone?
  13. nah dont have time durring day or morning just a night toker or when im with the crew

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