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Just made a Firecracker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ~Stoned~, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Mm delicious. I <3 the taste I really do. haha

    Anyway munching it away now hope im high when I get to the restaurant which is an hour away. Pce
  2. so you did end up making fircrackers!
    nice man. eat some lobster for me!:p
  3. you should eat them like 10 mins before u get to the resturaunt so by the time your food gets to you. You super baked.
  4. How badly does this smell when u cook it? And how does just eating straight up bud get you baked? I guess when it gets cooked and really hot the thc releases or something? Lol

  5. They don't smell at all when u cook em. It just smells kinda like something burnt. Taste can vary on how much peanut butter you use. When heated up u release the THC into the soluble fat of the peanut butter. Took about 30-45min for them to kick in for me.
  6. How much did it smell when you made it?
  7. Took about 1 hour for it to kick in. Made my drive home last night pretty interesting, kicked in half way into my trip.

    Dosen't smell like weed at all
  8. Yeah it was a total waste of weed. Im guessing my new oven doesnt get as hot as it said. I was speculating that it wasnt done because idk it looked kind of the same as when I put it in and I have made them before so I know what I was doing. Never really got high. Halfway through dinner I was kinda like woah but that went away kinda quick so I am guessing it was a slight buzz or a head rush. Anyway dinner was good. Thanks
    for the input

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