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  1. Hello. I'm a grower. Been around growing most of my life. Been growing solo since about 1978. Been a industry nutrient and product tester since 1999, a former nutrient and equipment rep for a few different companies. Now I just grow and hobby breed. I presently operate MMMP compliant organic/probiotic medical grow. I'm test running a few strains now, have a couple keepers I run in my rotations. Hope to see some great grows and meet some great growers. Always willing to help if a person is willing to listen. Peace all.
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  2. Nice to have you here. I hope you don't get too frustrated by the childish bickering and inane comments and questions that are common here...I know I do. Seems like most of the experienced growers hang out in the organic growing and no-till threads.

    Anywho, welcome. Happy growing...
  3. Thank you. Forums are what they are. Every grower thinks they grow the best and every grower thinks they are the best grower. It is all in good fun though.

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