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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MrMr, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. Hi all, what a nice site! Well, I'm looking to start growing, only a few delights, and have just about sussed out everything I need (material wise). Thing is, I'm going to be growing in an attic and it's quite cold! Looking to build a grow bow, but was trying to sus out what to do when the lights go off... I mean, won't the environment be to cold for the little beauties? Going to make an MDF box, on 4 inch legs, then make a vent in the side using a comp fan to draw fresh air- would I need to vent air in from the outside world, or is the air in the attic sufficient? Also, with the water in the Hydroponic system, would it not get to cold, should I use a fish tank warmer or something? Any ideas, hints and advice would be muchos appreciated as I'm scared that I may kill a lovely family of god's creatures lol. Peace Out to all and have a nice weekend! Thanx

  2. hm that is a delemma

    fish tank heater prob not practical, tho it would help.

    maybe a space heater that is temp sensative and goes off at 60 F. make sure u dont create a fire hazzard but my guess is that is prob the more efficent way to go.

    here is a though. maybe a very long box. one side has the lights and one side has ur heater.

    one thing is that if ur box is too vented...hard to keep the heat in the box.

    anyhow let us know what u come up with.
  3. Nice one, thanx froggy... will let you know how i get on, thanx for the tips and advice, appreciated lots! really need to strategise don;t i, not rocket science just a good think! cheers for now

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