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Just looking for some advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ifrkr, May 18, 2010.

  1. Today I bought some from a guy I met recently. He got me roughly 2 grams for 40 dollars. I didn't think that was that good of a deal (I live in La Jolla, CA) but I wanted to get some and he went out of his way to get some for me so I didn't want to seem like an ass. It just seems like its really easy to have people rip you off, especially if you don't know that many people who sell and you're pretty amateur when it comes to prices and amounts, etc.

    How do you guys make sure you get the best deals you can get?
  2. Take a Scale with you, always. Also, If you try to go from a "customer" to a "friend" you may get some good discounts in the future
    idk what else
    sorry if it doesnt make sense
  3. $20/g is the general deal for the high quality smoke without a hookup, at least where I live. I'd assume it be cheaper in California where it seems like it is is more plentiful. Maybe some blades in your area could help you out a little more.

    btw, a scale is something you need.

  4. The prices today are totally outrageous, even in Cali. How do I make sure I get a deal? I grow my own. I know that if I catch myself trying to rip me off I'll kick my ass.

    Costs me about $8-$10 per ounce to grow the finest bud you'll ever see.

  5. that made me LOL hard :D

    cheers for the chuckle
  6. Damn bro $40 the most we pay for a dub is $30in portland, and we got shit that blows your face off like a shotgun.lmao But I guess it depends where you live. Like some guys say, yeah bring a scale with you.
  7. in my area we use the word dub to indicate that the bag will contain one gram of bud for 20$(double the regs price).

    so you saying a dub for 30$ around here would mean that you're picking up half the bud for 75 % of the price. that doesn't look so great if you're complaining about high prices...

    what did you mean by dub?
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    Thats rip off I live pretty close to La Jolla you should be paying around 10 a gram but a lot of people around here love ripping off new smokers find a new connect and make sure when you ask for weed you ask for the amount in weight or just get a medical card

  9. Act reasonable and know what you are talking about. Consider the fact that if the dealer is not close to you (as in a good friend or acquaintance) he is not going to know how much you know about bud.. So consider the fact that you know that he knows that you don't know much about bud, and act like you do. (I confused myself right there... :smoking:).

    Dealers are trying to make money sooo think of it like an auto repair shop... Of course they are going to try to find twenty things wrong with your car (can you tell I just went to goodyear?). They are running a business and want to make money... so if you know about your car (or your bud) then your experience will speak for itself. but thats not to say there arent straight up dick head dealers out there that will try to rip you off regardless of what you say or do around them.

    Honestly the fact that you are even posting this question on grasscity shows that you have alot to learn about the process.... The internet can always help, atleast in terms of knowing the prices in your area and the availability of quality herb.

    So short synopsis here... Find a dealer you can trust and get along with, good buds will follow as a result.
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    I meant 20 bucks for 2 grams is our dub, sometimes it could 1.7-1.9. If it its dank it could be up to 30 bucks

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