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just learned not to get stoned while pissed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by davida0829, May 18, 2010.

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    There was a gentleman (and I do use that term loosly) around here from Cali, not to mention any names because you know who you are, who once got so shithouse drunk on vodka that he pissed on his own sock... While he was wearing it! :hello:

    Edit: Never mind, I thought this thread was about pissing while stoned. I'm drunk... On vodka haha!

  2. lololololol
  3. lol shit man i am done with vodka new years i got so messed up that i puked all over the bathroom floor and passed out in it then the next morning i found out i had pissed myself how fucking sad is that lol :hello: good times but i am done with alky i am stiken with the good ol herb altho alky is easier to get for me
  4. lol done with vodka new years i got so messed up u puked all over the bathroom floor woke up in it found out i pissed myself and hada horrible hangover good times:hello: but i am sticking with herb from now on altho alky is easer to get
  5. dude halo 3 was like the most expic game i;ve ever fucking played. how the fuck do they make games so epic.
  6. Thanks kindly brah. I've just learned my lessons through life like everyone else. If you can't help someone through something you've been through, have you really learned anything?

    Who knows, maybe I've just ingested too much saltwater :eek:

  7. lol guessing alot and alot of pot lol and also alot of imagination (mabey a few mushrooms lol):D:rolleyes:
  8. very true man (top part) and mabey =] (sorry for the lame reply i am just really baked and just got done with one of the best walks of my life (its raining and cold outside and it smells and looks amazing high)
  9. Yeah the best animations I've ever made i made while high. xD
  10. im pretty sure weed is a mood enhancer, so it makes watever mood you are in magnified. thats why when you blaze when you are depressed you dont suddenly become happy, thats just a myth.
  11. so true man so true =]
  12. i got so wasted me and my bro went into a private bar, and i opened the tab draining like a keg of beer onto the floor, then went into a drunken rage because i didnt understand wht happened.... fuck alcahol...
  13. this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. lol dude i dont think its the weed. i think u just have really bad luck
  15. for sure man i hate that shit plus i have alchoholim in my blood so i aint gonna let that happen to me

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