just learned not to get stoned while pissed

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    well i am a dumbass when i get high (my opinion) and this month i have mainly got stoned while pissed off here are like reasons not to get stoned pissed lol

    all of this is within a month
    1. lost all my friends but one because i told them off (they where using me or so i thought) was drunk to this night tho
    2.got really pissed lastnight and ended up droping my bong on my 360 braking the 360
    3. broke my bong (40 dollar so not so pissed bout that)
    4. fried the wirless internet box by spilling pop on it
    5. the one friend i got left isnt allowed over here because i used to give him smokes wich brings me to number 6
    6. quit smoking then last night started back up ended up smoking 2 packs......
    7. tried to calm down by watching my favorit porn:rolleyes: ended up ruining the porn for me
    because the voices and shit where off

    thanks for reading =] and sorry if this is the wrong area to post this ALSO I DONT BLAME THE FUCKING POT SO STOP SAYIN I DO I DID BUT I DONT ANYMORE I everyone gets pissed and i am sure all of u have regretted somthing after u came down so please stop telling me to stop smoking!!!!
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    seriously though, dont get stoned when your in a bad mood it kills the high.
  3. no i think the moral of the story is, jus because ur a failure when ur high doesnt mean were all dumb fucks when we blaze, smokin is a privilege so if ur only "dumb" when ur high, chances r ur probably abusing it....

    stop smoking period
  4. not saying you are all dumb fucks trust me i am not lol i am saying i am a dumb fuck (just wanted to rant and rave before i blew up) and yea i have been abusing mary jane lately and that is why i am quittin for a while trust me i know plonty of dumbasses when thy are high but i am not calling any of u dumbasses and yes it does kill the high
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    try meditating for about 3 hours a day everyday and try to get angry, try it you wont be able to.

    then you can smoke weed again.

    edit: since the guy below me doesnt understand i am saying meditate 3 hours a day for a while, and after that it will be very hard to be mad about anything.
  6. wtf??!! /\ /\
  7. sounds like a plan bongin shaman =]
  8. good luck brotha!
  9. hahahha alrightyyyy
  10. troll the internet HIGH
  11. i dont understand what that means.
  12. Dear dude,

    Please stop being a prick and blaming it on drugs. Or, alternatively, please stop doing drugs. That is not a list of reasons not to get stoned while pissed, it's more like a list of reasons not to get pissed in the first place. I think a lot of us would appreciate it if you could refrain from tying your foolish behavior to a perfectly harmless herb that we quite enjoy using while managing to avoid all of those behaviors (even when pissed and drunk!). Food for thought.

    Your friend,

    Postal Blowfish
  13. oh ferrrserial.
  14. thanks bongin shaman and trollin the internet high means looking crazy shit up (sadly i couldnt last night lol cause i fried our mottem
  15. damn did you try to smoke out of it? hahaa
  16. well since bongin shaman needs to clarify that i dont understand wat he said, even though he wrote it exactly the same way im here to tell mr shaman that if u would meditate for 3 hrs, y would u wanna try and make urself mad?? And who would meditate for 3 hrs anyway?? besides u of course we kno!! no need to clarify using the exact same words. :rolleyes:
  17. yea postel i should stop blamin the pot (wich btw i dont consider a drug!!!) and i am done with alchohol i fucking hate that stuff makes me sick to my stomach to even smell the shit anymore

    and yes i was blaming the pot wich was stupid cause it was my dumbass that did it (and yea i am probly gonna get told to stop smoking alot because of this post and yea i will for a while but hey i find myself doing dumbshit when i am high (most of it is harmless dumbshit tho)
  18. as we all know meditation calms the mind and controls your thoughts, the OP doesnt want to get mad so im saying do the meditating for a while, and see how easily he gets pissed off, only when he cant get pissed off can he smoke the bowles.
  19. not sure what u ment by this but if you mean trying to smoke outa the mottem no lol altho that woulda been a perty cool looking pipe
  20. tell me about it, there is nothing worst than waking up with a fucking hangover that shit is fucking horrible.

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