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just learned not to get stoned while pissed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by davida0829, May 18, 2010.

  1. lol budz4u not much of a cat person but hey whatever good joke i njoyed it
  2. That goes for me as well. If I don't have any kind, I just do some yoga outside to ground myself. I don't get rattled too often though.

    To the OP, maybe you'd be less pissed if you quit listening to ICP! Nah brah, just kidding. Any chance of winning those friends back if they're worth it?
  3. You know, if there is one thing I've realized about pot, "Every Accepting Stoner Is a Happy Stoner."

    Note i said "Accepting." If theres something seriously pissing you off or making you tense, the weed WILL NOT help you loosen up if your not willing to yourself. You getting clumsy because your pretty much getting so pissed off that subliminally your expecting problems because you've had quite a few lately.

    Weed is not a good way to escape your problems. But its not the cause of them either. Idk about the 3 hour meditating thing, because if i try to get pissed, I will. I have more than enough reasons to be a fucking pissed off person. Yeah there's a lot of things bothering me day and night, but I don't let it rot on me. Its life. Life is just the name of a game where losers die and there really aren't any winners just people that time hasn't gotten to yet if you want my depressing prospective. Keep in mind I was this way before weed. The weed just helps me let go of things that piss me off. Not repel them.

    Chillax, grab a stoner buddy, and: [ame=""]YouTube - "Every little thing gonna be all right" (Bob Marley)[/ame] .. Enjoy.
    Just have a good time. You've already waisted alot of time being pissed. No need to be pissed about something forever. Thats not gonna correct shit. Just click the fucking link. And listen to the whole thing. lol

  4. lol glad to see you aint dissin on my type of music thanks man and naw those friends used and abused me they used me for alota money they used me for my food for my pop for my 360 and for alota other things lol i wasnt to pissed when i lost them i just thot id mention it =]
    def not worth it and they would spill shit on my floor leave trash in my room an never pick the shit up even when i asked them to

    and i am not gonna self medicate with weed like that anymore =] it is wrong and i was abusing it and yes i did get clumsy because i anticipated shit to happen

    i am all chill now lol between the assholes that have posted on this and the chill peeps who have posted here i have gotten some good advice heard meditate or yoga alot so i am def gonna try those thanks everyone i really aperciatie it and yes i even aperciate the douche baggy comments thanks everyone =]=] gonna go smoke my last bowl an chill to the bob marly song that u sent me :smoking: thanks for the link an post bunny929
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    Hah, I know better than to put down a jugallo. It may not be my type of beat, but I can't deny the loyalty of their core. Man, I hate parasitic people. I've flicked a off a few fleas in my life that would only come around when I had da kine they were looking for. Even broke on of my rules and lent out a board only to have it "stolen" and then end up being called from a shop since it had my name on the stringer where the shaper put the dimensions. It was a good thing that the shop owner knew I'd never sell a board to someone. In other words, I know how you feel.

    As far as the yoga, it was actually started to help with some flexibility issues while surfing. It was a total bonus in that I learned that once the body can relax, so can the mind. It's a way to jump start meditation.
  6. man id love to learn to surf!!!! sadly i am landlocked and cant afford to go anywhere :mad:
  7. and yea i understand icp not being your kinda beat =] everyone has there own tastes in music and i am not gonna get angry over somone dissing on me for liking a certian kinda music cause i could just do it right back most the time but i respect others opinions and hate to disrespect anyone unless they do it to me alot (thats y i put up with the 2 users for 4 years)
  8. What I ALWAYS do when I'm lookin for a better-than-normal trip, Go rollin' stoned on a very hilly, smooth, and quiet road, on a dark night with a clear sky..... Its biblical dude.

    The best thing weed finds for you is to enjoy the little things. And I'll toke to that. :D

    ..... cuz if i dont i'll toke anyway. U NEED A MOOD-BRIGHTENER-UPPER.

    Theres Always Room For Worse Times. ;)
  9. have always wanted to go on a night drive like that high i bet it is just amazing and yup for sure dude there are always room ==] an id forsurly toke to that:)

    also the opening scene for halo 3 is biblical high to (the one when cortana is talkin in the begning)

    Or imagine watching someone really good play the level where you finally get cortana. omg i shit bricks there sober. lmao

    If your xbox still works, or if you have one available, put a good CD in and watch the visualizations on full screen. You can steer the visualizations with the anologs, and skip with the bumpers. That ALWAYS is fun as hell.

  11. i shit bricks there sober to =] and i am planing on seeing if it works tonight =] i will get back to u if it does =] lol first time i watched it high tho i was with my best friend he was sober and my jaw completly droped he was like wtf lol =] (sorry for this lame comment i am just in a way way better mood i have a feeling shit is gonna get way better thanks to u guys :))
  12. you have recognized and acknowledged the problem, so that's good. unfortunately the fact that you end up doing stupid shit while you're high means you haven't got a good handle on being high and i think you're doing the right thing to take a break for awhile. if that's the closest you can get to the cause of the behavior, then its the high you must address.
  13. THANK GOD!!!!!!! my 360 works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yay::metal::gc_rocks:
  14. You've repented from your wayward ways and the universe saw fit to reward you :cool:
  15. thank you postal =] and yea i gota work on that (most the dumbshit i do tho is get in arguments about why marijuana should be legal and give my mom shit about me smoking)

    but i also do other stupid shit and i do need to work on this and i think grass city is the perfect answer =] u guys have helped me alot threw this thread and calmed me down and i really aperciate all of the help tips jokes and advice =] THANK YOU GRASSCITY COMMUNITY
  16. WHEWT.

    And yes. Just try to RELAX when your high. Keep it chill man.
  17. dude u are way cool =] you are like the wise stoner that always helps noobs without being a complete dick about it U ARE KICK ASS
  18. did u jus indirectly call urself a noob lol??

    lol.... hey u said it not me


  19. yea man i know you didnt =] and yea i am a noob i have only been smoking for 8 months in total so i am still learning alota stuff =] but i do know a lil about it all hell i dont even know half the strains i get or even if they are indica or sativa or a mix i just buy (gonna get me ripped off agian if i keep this up but ehh i like a lil suprise ya know)

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