just incase the world was ending last night, heres how we were going out

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  1. so the night started out by me and 6 of my friends going to our buddys house to get bud and smoke. well this kid has a garage with a little smoking section cornered off.

    now theres 7 people in this little room and we alll decided to smoke a very large amount of weed. we ended packing up a pyrex piece (this bowl head was huge and could at least fit 5 grams in there. we put about an eighth in) so about 30 or 40 mins later the bong with an eighth went around the circle about 6 times and after needless to say we were quite roasted.

    so after that were all kinda just chillen smokin cigarettes and hell why not we decided to roll another two blunts and smoke those as well. by the time we got done with those two blunts, this tiny room with 7 people built to hold about 5 poeple was so clambaked and i shit you out you could hardly see the person next to you! it was crazy haha.

    so adter the blunts were all done everyone decided it was time to leeave. but about ten minutes later we decided we should smoke a few more blunts lol. so we roll up 2 more bblunts and go on a beautiful drive around the lake. and finally that was it haha. all in all it was an awesome night. toking with my fellow bros, some who i have not seen in a while (college) and i was good to see everyone.

    p.s. when we went up to the kids house, 5/6 kids that came bought an eighth each so we had plenty of bud to blaze haha
  2. sounds like a blast haha not a fan of hotboxing tho cuz I cant breath I need fresh air! thats alot of weed to smoke in one night
  3. i love having sessions like that every now and then. just to see how baked everyone can get beofre they call it quits. but i don't understand why people clambake. i never liked it, i like being able to breathe when im already smoking a shit load as it is. 2nd hand smoke is THE worst shit to be inhaling constantly. last time i clam baked i got greened out and had a hard time breathing. then again, i've been smoking cigs for 7 years so its not any surprise.
  4. it was a great night, chillen with my buds. all in all we smoked about probably a quarter of bud and the clambake was just because we were in this little tiny room that was meant to hold about 5 people but there were 7 inside lol
  5. man, that sounds like when we used to hotbox my buddies house every monday!
  6. The end of the world happened three years ago, right after I found a book in a store filled with FUCKING TWEETS from brain-dead assholes on Twitter.

    That's right. A book containing nothing but tweets.

  7. wut...
  8. Sounds like a great time, but now you have to do it again, the date is today. :smoke:

  9. Was just about to say, isn't the last day supposed to be the 21st? If so, then you all have until midnight to get your crazies in.

    But just as a heads up, it's Saturday morning here in New Zealand, and I think things are going to continue on just business as usual.
  10. It won't be long before some dumbass comes up with another "end of the world" this shit is getting old man.
  11. fuck off, it wasnt about that
  12. [quote name='"TokeEarth"']fuck off, it wasnt about that[/quote]

    Ive been known to be sarcastic, so i constantly mention the world ending, in a super sarcastic way. This guy is just taking shit too seriously. Idk how many people think its actually ending today, cant imagine itd be millions. I still plan on doing shit in 2013+ but if shit ended today, i wouldnt be terribly upset.

    Forget the haters. At the end of the day, err excuse me. At the end of the world, you had a blast last night, OP, and thats all that really matters.

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