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Discussion in 'General' started by Sweetleaftoker, May 15, 2011.

  1. Ive decided I AM THE MOST CHILL PERSON ALIVE. yea ;)
  2. Our avatars are not the same.
  3. pics or it didnt happen haaha
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    Im so unbelievably fucking calm right now, im so chill.

    In fact, if these words im typing had a voice tone, it would sound like droopy dog.

    Im so chill bra.

    Edit; Thanks grasscity for ruining my comment. I originally typed that comment in all caps, but when you type in all caps it automatically makes them lowercase.

    You ruined the point of my comment.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  5. im soooo chill im not even going to tell you how chill i am
  6. How can you be chill when you have lumps on your testes?

  7. probably so chill he doesnt even care about the lumps:cool:
  8. I am very happy today because after a very long time I have spent some days without any bad things happening.
  9. using caps = yelling = not chill so yeah...
  10. chill out...
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    They are fucking similar
  12. Luls, because there not malignant.
  13. Damn, you must be a detective or something.
  14. Me and my buddy who smokes (i was oblivious) smoked together last night for the first time and we just sat next to each other and died laughing for like 30 mins
  15. No. You lose.


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