Just how bad is it to smoke one tobacco cigarette every day?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by wloops, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. For the past 2 weeks I've been out of weed. I always smoke Blunts, and over the past 2 days I smoked 2 cigarettes. Thoughts? I dont want it to become a full time habit/addiction. I haven't been craving for a smoke either, I just like the sensation of having a smoke.

    Also, I don't intend to smoke one every day (when I get weed). Do you think I'll become an addict and unable to resist if I carry on like this?
  2. Bro just a few cigs here and there is how most cig smokers start. Take it from an ex cancer stick smoker that started much like you.... stop now. It only gets easier to smoke cigs and harder to quite
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  3. ^^^^This....and don't use any crutches to quit...cold turkey,baby...
  4. not bad at all
  5. 4/10

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  6. Please, please, for the love of actual fuck, put some kind of basic intelligence test in that new members have to pass before they can post.
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  7. Don't smoke, it fucks up your teeth, lungs, etc.

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  8. YO YO BRO STOP DONT SMOKE ANY OF THAT TOBACCO SHIT AGAIN REALLY , YOU SMOKE WEED TO FLY CIGS DONT MAKE YOU FLY JUST GIVES YOU CANCA (WICH YOU WILL CURE WITH GANJA) (oh ma dayum the rhymes are real) but seriously bro stop it i was a smoker too but i ve replaced ciggs with joints and its the best to do , stay away from any quantity of tabaco , you just dont need it wont give you something (XEPT CANCAA) its useless , if you love nicotine , im a hardcore nicotinehead guy , start vapeing its amazing you get the nicotine without the effects of smoking .
  9. Ugh. I couldn't start smoking if I tried. It's weird because I often smoke weed with tobacco just to make my weed last longer. But when I try to roll a tobacco cigarette my whole body seizes up and I feel ill before even putting it in my mouth.
  10. I don't think you'll become an addict but it is still very bad for you.

    Lmao I am not judging you I have done the same thing every time I am broke or can't smoke because of extraneous circumstances. Every time I smoke a cigarette I feel nauseous and if I haven't smoked one in a few months I throw up!! Really bad healthwise

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  11. I've been smoking a few cigs a day for 6 years.. it's all in the mind. Moderation is the key to life. I can go 3 days without smoking a cig and not notice a thing. I just enjoy smoking one from time to time maybe that's just me

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