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Just hoping for a little feedback

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BuddhaKush, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. for the past 4-5 months ive been getting high everyday, multiple times a day usually, always smoking very high quality bud, and it feels great.

    but its really cutting into my wallet, so i have a plan and i was just wondering if anyone reading could at least just let me know whether you think it will work or not.

    I remember in august when i first started smoking consistently (i had smoked a few times before but nothing that would affect my tolerance), and my friend bought a one-hitter and got hooked up with a gram of some really good shit. we would smoke a batty or 2 each and be really... really... high.:smoking:

    so i was thinking about taking maybe a week off to lower my tolerance, buy a one-hitter/dugout/grinder, and try to go back to getting pretty damn high off of so little weed.

    so basically, anyone think it should work out? also any suggestions or anything are greatly appreciated
  2. Thats all i do is usally hitters by myself. But w/ friends we usally use a bong/pipe. But it would work and u wouldnt be goin through a shit ton of weed. Good luck
  3. yea that would work, couldnt hurt at least. Im thinking of something like that too, also try to take like a few hits if u pack a bowl and come back to it. Sometimes u can get pretty chopped off a few hits u just have to take into consideration the 5 or so minutes it can take the high to creep up.

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