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just have to say

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ZOMBIE JESUS, May 12, 2010.

  1. that i finally got my card (CA) after 5 years of intense chemotherapy and radiations for a rare cancer i have (stage IV pediatric nodular melanoma, since 14-15 and i'm now 19-20)

    ive used just dealer weed for a few months as a semi-fix, but after i was going in to remove a vicious tumor on the upper neck of my femur and replace that portion of bone, i knew i was going to have to go the routes of the associations.

    but in the past few days (got my card sunday) have almost been an immediate relief. got my first eighth of a 16th split of a dank sativa and then a sweet indica for the night.) (NMPA called them "mr Nice and Dewey's Dark Blueberry Kush) and i've been switching between the two for day and night. im FINALLY getting back to a better day-night cycle (surgery was two weeks ago thursday) but i've had problems for months before it.

    all ive gotta say is this shit is doing something. and its doing something good.

    keep smokin' and tokin'!

  2. Sometimes I wish this was like Facebook and we had a "Like" button.

    I'm glad that it's really helping. MMJ needs recognition and you seem to prove it. How much do you generally smoke in one sitting?
  3. glad to hear the herb is helping you. hope all is well.
    wish it could be helping more people across the country (legally)
  4. Glad to hear that it's helping you, going through what you're going through must be tough, keep up the good fight!
  5. that is great to here that SOMETHING is helping!

    my best wishes to ya man!

    and ya im interested in how much you smoke to alleviate the side effects of chemo.
  6. Glad to hear you are getting some relief.:wave:

    My brother is in stage 4 and is going through some intense chemo etc. Hopefully I can do something to help comfort him.:smoking:
  7. I am very interested in this. I've never spoken to a "real" MMJ patient, per say. How much do you need to smoke to alleviate the pains? Are you combining it with other medications? and I feel kinda rude asking it, but are you able to reach an enjoyable high?

    I hate to sound nosy, but I've always wanted to know how effective the cause we are all fighting for really is.
  8. SHIT! 5 years? How the hell did you do that for so long? After my 2nd round of chemo I started smoking buds heavily, I'm so glad I did though, it makes the nausea pretty much drift away. It's great for pain but I couldn't afford to just use MMJ for pain after I had surgery to remove my tumor (localized, but in my pelvis so walking with crutches became the norm since they had to remove where it attatched to my right leg, will walk again soon though) so I used it in combination with prescribed meds. Also, look into hemp oil, just google Phoenix Tears.

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