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just had surgery - should I blaze?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DuaneAllman, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I had a deviated septum and nasal polyp surgery. Meaning I had a bunch of shit done in my nose. I'm in almost no pain, and have a bottle of 40 codeine... but I really want to smoke some herb..

    Does anyone know of any health risks involved? I won't inhale too hard so it wont mess up my nose... If anything, I will wait and call my doctor tomorrow since he knows I smoke pot.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else smoked after having this done (it's a pretty common surgery).

  2. If your doctor knows you use cannabis, it's best to ask him about the possible effects and the best way to intake the cannabis.
    smoking it may not be the best way to intake it in this case, I imagine the pressure placed on the nasal cavity from coughing would be a bad thing. Vape maybe?
  3. Idk, I just had some pretty major surgery. I don't know about you but I have a ton of numbness from it. Every time I smoke it actually fucking HURTS. Yeah, I know, it makes no sense to me either. I'd talk to your doc first.
  4. Yeah, after further consideration, I think I will talk to him tomorrow about it. I'm just sitting here chilling and listening to sublime until then
  5. coughin might hurt. haha, i have surgery on friday, the 12. and imma getttin helluh baked after.
  6. Dude, be careful. Every time I've gotten high since surgery has been miserable, panic inducing and painful. I hope I'm just a freak though and that this doesn't happen to anyone else
  7. smoke some indica ^^ or eat some dankins
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    Call the anesthesiologist and ask him, don't even bother with your regular doc...they won't have a clue. There are so many chemicals they use at different levels and no patient or operation is the same. No one here is qualified to answer your question.

    My concern would not be with the area of the surgery but with the fact that anesthesia temporarily destroys the chemical bridges your brain uses to communicate with your body parts. Those chems and gases are extremely powerful and can be found in your body fat seven years after an operation.

    That is also the reason many patients are put on anti-depressants for a time after heavy surgery. They build those chemical bridges until the brain can start making it's own again. Ask the person that knocked and kept you out.

    On personal experience I know weed can do weird shit with meds. I take neurontin for ocular migraines and got one while high once. I took the normal dose of neurontin which prevents aphasia, (an inability to speak...words come out like jibberish during the migraine) and it did not do a thing.
    It had never failed before, (ten years) or since, except for the one time when I had just smoked.

  9. Ok, i will have to say, after surgery is not a good idea haha. i did as soon as i got home, and it made where they cut my back open BURN!!!
    Idk if it was the reaction to the anesthesia or wut, but i slammed my self for a couple hours.
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    Yeah, it sounds like you had a similar problem to the one I mentioned above. I had some major jaw surgery (almost 14 hours on the table) and each time I toked I could feel EVERY spot in my jaw that they broke (8 places) and it felt like I was clenching my jaw, which made me scared shitless that I was going to rip out a screw or plate or something. I think that after surgery is one of the few times that smoking is a no-go. I was numb from the surgery but after I smoked I felt everything. Ugh.

    Edit. And dude, I'm sorry to hear that I'm not a freak or the only one to have these issues. Sorry you're hurtin bro.
  11. haha yea brotha, i think it is the only time you can't toke away that pain, like you said. haha.
    Im all good, takes a couple months to get back 100%
  12. Had the same surgery, and wouldn't recommend smoking anything at all.
    If you want, edibles are the way to go.
  13. Wow, that surprises me that you all had such bad reactions. Both times I had abdominal surgery I smoked as soon as I got some and it wasn't a problem. But I have a freakishly high tolerance to pain. Maybe I just didn't notice it, lol.
  14. if the injury is restrictive (has swelling, like a sprain or break) increased blood flow from the vasodilation effect will make it hurt worse, throb...

    No smoking. For months. Sorry:(. Try eatables.:)
  15. ha, well that makes sense. ^^
  16. Basically, just don't toke up today.
  17. Well, I have minor swelling in my nose, and my doctor said it will take 3 more weeks to be back 100%. I can easily hold off smoking until then :)! Thanks for all the feedback you guys were a tremendous help

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