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Just had an unpleasant experience with mother nature.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bittytoker, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. So I took a step outside and lit up a Jay. As I was doing this, I watched an owl swoop down out of a tree and grab a mouse in the illuminated section of my yard, only a few yards away from me. This was initially bad ass.
    But then I heard the mouse screaming in the trees :(
    Not a pleasant time.
  2. That's amazing..
  3. Would be pretty amazing to see, very unpleasant to hear.
  4. Now if the owl swooped down and carried you away, that would be an unpleasant experience with Mother Nature.
  5. That's actually really cool, I don't see anything unpleasant there haha. Sounds pretty natural
  6. I think it would be pretty sweet to experience, especially if I was stoned, lol.
  7. Try listening to 2 cats massacre an entire family of day old mice
  8. Only when ur high.
    Only in America
  9. If that owl swooped down and snatched ur joint then that would have been a bad experience.

  10. Honestly, that's exactly where I thought that anecdote was going. Thank goodness that didn't happen.
  11. what you want the owl to starve shorty?
  12. While the scene was interesting and sort of fun to see(especially with some Flo in my system), the screaming and sudden cut off of the screaming was a little bit chilling for my tastes.
  13. I saw something similar a few days ago . A hawk swooped down & snatched a kid while I was at the park . I hope someone caught it on camera
  14. Yeah. It was on the internet, on YouTube I believe.
  15. Wonderful . People are saying it was fake , but I concur good sir I seent it ! :laughing:

  16. Which turned out to be a hoax
  17. Everything is food. When you die, the bacteria in your colon will begin to digest you.

    When you fart, it's not really you farting, it's the bacteria in your gut expelling gas til you are forced to expel it. Same as if you close a trashbag and let it sit and ferment, then it fills with air and pops.

    Wtf am I talking about? This thread isn't even about farts.
  18. But with the right men... It could be.
  19. you are too high man xD

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