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Just had an enlightenment

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MNs Finest, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. i was thinking about stuff and writing a lot of stuff down that was coming through my mind and here is a piece from one of my writings tonight. btw im higher then holy shit fuckin dickholes

    words are but toddler inventions of an unthought classifictstions for thought. without langauge is when we can actually think
    our language hinders our thoughts for lack of words to even capturew half of the senses we even feel. we feel an array of things that we dont knotice
    cuz we cant unthink of thinking in words. if we can unthink of using our brains in the very minuscle snese of our language, unbelievably elementray, and in
    instead thinking with pure feeling, its the way we were meant to think. its how all other animal processes information, but we hinder ouselves
    its absolutly unbelievable how elementary our so called good langauge can describe. every langage is in a different reality based on their reality langauge curve

    some worlds in my villiage of perception according to the desipher i have of obtained. excumberflueged beyone refreshed as in thirst wise
    estuantseramicalllafestuweedittle happy to an unkown level.

  2. what just happened:smoke:
  3. go on... what stuff? lol.

    like your thinkin dude ;)
  4. Damn boy, you're fuckin' high. :smoke:
  5. Surprisingly I was just thinking about this a couple hours ago.
  6. dude for real? thats so awesome man. its like our language helps us comunicate, but hinders our feelings. instead of actually feeling feelings we through a word at it, and then automatically just feel what we assume for the word
  7. I was just thinking about what it would be like to live by feeling emotions. Maybe this is why I can't remember anything besides emotions up until learning to speak and read. How can we get back to that? :confused_2:
  8. Language is barbaric. What other system do we continue to use after thousands of years? We dont even use the same phones from 3 years ago, computers from 5 years ago or tv from 5 years ago and yet the most fundamental way of communicating has not been upgraded at all. Were lacking. We are still caveman making noises at eachother and trying to figure out what eachtoerh mean and yet we almost always end up misinterpreting the other person or thinking we know exactly what they mean when we really mistaken. they're noises go through your own brains filter and apply the meaning. EVerything is lost in translation. There is no conveying of true meaning and true intent. if we could do this it would solve alot of issues in the world today, just by truely understanding....You could convey the exact same meaning of written and verbal language that we have through morse code. Beep beeep beeeep beeeeeeeeep thats all thats being expressed here....
  9. Never woulda crossed my mind without Cannabis. :smoke:
  10. I read somewhere that language has been a factor for why so many people develop schizophrenia.

  11. this is the best way i would put exactly what i realized. this is the most true thing i have ever heard and i only realized it through cannabis
  12. I just got mindfucked
  13. lol i just reread this and wow i gotta say i was fuckin toasted
  14. Uhhh......?
  15. using the word "of" especially when it shouldnt be used, does not make you sound intelligent, juuuuust saying
  16. Oh dude I just had a thought like this the other day when ripped it goes something like this:

    Life is just matter that's in a box of more matter than we can't physically measure.

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