Just had a revelation about Facebook (haters - please read especially)

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  1. The way I see it, it appears that FB could be the futuristic type of a resume, regarding employment (perhaps it gets even deeper and more complicated and intertwined, but for the sake of the OP I won't go there).

    I use the word "futuristic" lightly, though. I'm seeing it now. Any blades know what I mean? If you do, then it is what it is, but just some thing to think about.

    "Online Reputations". I think it ALL might matter in the future (it has already started, it seems), unless you live or will be living under a rock from now on.

    Please discuss. :eek:
  2. Facebook free since 2010 :smoke:
  3. Depends on what your education, job aspirations and current living situation or desire to "upgrade" in life is. What am I saying here? Simply put... a lot of people just don't give a fuck because they are happy where they are now. I know our forum is full of young people (under 18 especially) and there are a lot of repercussions for posting things on your FB even now, to potential employers who look you up. I personally know 2 people who got fired for what they believe is due to posting alcohol/party pictures on their profiles.

    I am a public figure. Good job, good pay, my shit is together. With that said, I have an alter-ego and I keep my side life separate from my "home life", and I actually like it that way. I NEVER post anything up on my FB that could jeopardize my reputation, and have a separate FB page with a different name and identity for other things.

    If it's on the Internet, it's there forever. :wave:
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    I seriously doubt any employer is going to do anything other than take a quick glance at your Facebook to see how you're in your private life.

    Maybe I'm failing to understand what you're getting at, but I can't see much changing.

    Edit: I see what you mean now, thanks for clarifying that.
  5. Well, that's the thing.

    I HATE Facebook. All of the stupid likes for the stupid updates. So instead of deleting my FB for the millionth time, I just downgraded (or upgraded, in this case) to 8 or so friends - and they're either my best friends or people that are dear to me and/or far away (non family - I don't have family on my FB because I talk to them on a regular basis).

    Suffice it to say, I don't use Facebook until I had to (or was compelled to) create a professional-type page on something. From there, I see professional people liking the page (Scientists, Geologists, etc.), so I check out their profiles because I'm just curious and I'm like, "DAMN!!!!". :eek:

    Some of these people and even "regular worker types" have public pages that show their credentials.

    See what I'm getting at?

    Bottom line is, in my case, I'm using FB in a good way (as I like to put it, I'm exploiting FB :devious:).
  6. With all due respect, you are DEFINITELY failing to understand. Perhaps my previous post that I just posted will clarify. :)

    Edit - or not.

    So to put it blunty... You know what? Here - this gentleman explained it PERFECTLY:

    And it's the truth.
  7. can i live under the rock?

    i dont wanna be a part of society.
  8. I do, but I don't.


    I do, but I CAN'T (not be part of it), and I would die off the grid. Unless I had resources (money), which ain't happening.


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foCzlvXKWTA]Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine - YouTube[/ame]

  9. We can be Rockies together kief, pool our money and get a nice bachelor pad rock, heated of course :D
  10. If this conversation veers off in the direction of GC'ers pooling their money together to buy an island, I'm outtie, yo. Word iz bawn.
  11. I have 900 friends and I only know like 100 of them. Shoot me.
  12. My friends dad (accountant) says his firm looks through your fb for all types of red flags before hiring if possible, also same friend has a brother that is a cop with a drug dog. He pulls people over, uses a fake hot chicks profile to add them based on their name from the DL, sometimes people will confirm the request during the traffic stop, if there is a lot of illegal activity on the profile, he is prejudice against them and usually searches...
  13. FB is actually used in that way already. ive heard of employers using it to look up future employees n shit.
    its kind of lame...
    but it works.

    thats entirely the direction i see society going in also.
  14. I don't know that I agree.

    I just landed a new job the other day, and the first thing the interviewer asked me was "do you have a LinkedIn profile?" I said no, and that I had no clue what it was to be honest. He explained that it was basically Facebook for professionals. He told me that it would be in my best interests, professionally, to make a LinkedIn profile because a lot of employers are looking for that type of thing nowadays, and that it will seriously help me to get ahead in my career. After some independent research of my own, I came to realize that what he was saying was absolutely right.

    So, while Facebook might help you land a decent job, it's not going to help you in your professional life. Employers use it to dig up dirt. They use LinkedIn to check out credentials and accolades. Facebook is great for friends and for following your favorite celebrities/scientists/whatever, but I think that's where it stops profession-wise.
  15. Well, I DON'T "like" this post.

    I'm just agreeing with you.

    It sucks and damn... I miss the old days before the internet was big. :(
  16. i miss the days when only forums, blogging, and raunchy chat rooms were around hahaha

    god i miss that so.

    then fucking myspace came.....ugh
  17. Interesting...

    I've heard a small bit about LinkedIn... Not enough to know that, though.
  18. The truth is, Facebook is just a few years from being sent to the old pit of failed social networking gimmicks. This past year, Facebook had a 25% drop in user activity and an even greater decrease in new member recruitment. And the increasing number of ads on the site are just a desperate attempt to bring in as much money as possible before they have to shut the entire operation down and pay off their dividends -- to stockholders who lost $11 per share in less than a year since the IPO, an almost 30% decrease!
  19. I hope you're right.
  20. That's why I posted only on FB to a minimum, I've been hearing that employees skim through your profile so I kept it on private only to people I know that can see my account. Also the FBI called my mom telling her about my account (not bullshittin, they really called her) and I don't know how they got her number.

    I'm either on here or on Twitter.

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