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Just had a drug test today.....what do you guys think.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iceh20, May 12, 2010.

  1. Whats up everyone. I dont post much on here but had a question....

    So Im supposed to start a new job and had to take a pre employment screen.

    I was a regular smoker about 6 weeks ago. Smoked about an eighth of quality shit a week. Stopped smoking for the past 6 weeks other than a slip up the night of the Maywether fight two saturdays ago and took a few hits off a blunt (peer pressure, lol).

    So I took my test today and drank detoxify ready clean about 3 hours before the test. Drank a ton of water, been jogging 3 times a week since i stopped smoking, etc.

    You guys think i'll be ok?
  2. maybe.. i vote you roll a blunty and ponder it
  3. 40% ur fine 60% fail. i hope its the 40 and smoke up and think about it
  4. Well, good luck! :)
  5. i dont think anyone is going to kno for sure but i think ur fine. two weeks is enough for a seasoned toker to get thc out but u barely smoked so u should be fine. but again im gonna stress the SHOULD.
  6. You really should be fine, I mean, at the amount of time you were off it, the six weeks, would make it to where the night you slipped, would only stay in your system for a week, and if you did a lot of sweating, and the detox thing, which I have no clue how it works.

    But I've heard they're awesome or something, and how much was that sucker? I bet a lot. So hopefully that'd mean it'd work.. if not. that's lame. man.

    I may not know what I'm talking about to the least, I've been studying up on this shit like crazy, being scared and shit about a drug test I was planning on getting my self into by job searching.
    and being high just kind of mumbles it all up... yeaaa..

    And if anything, your piss should show up as nothing but water, unless you didn't pee after the galon at least like once, and once again, still not sure how it works.. but I think I do... and yea. they'll make you take it again.. ahh.. fucking optimist comes out in me on green :)

    Oh and a side note, I gave up on quitting weed for the drug test. man this stuff is great!!! found out when I found out that I can't be arreted for failing a drug test, and my mom doesn't find out haha.

    what's this topic about?
  7. And yea, you can't get arrested for failing one! and they don't tell everyone in the area either haha. yea
  8. What the fuck is with all the people saying that you'll "maybe" pass? Dude, you're definitely in the clear.
  9. lol, i hope so man.

    ill def report back and let you guys know.
  10. If he's in the clear. i should deff. be in the clear.

    3 hits off a joint a week ago, and a only 1 joint a week before that. i better not fail :mad:
  11. yeah but then they usually dont hire you...
  12. Six weeks is plenty of time if you've stayed clean that long. You should be OK. Stay clean until you hear back and/or start the job.
  13. But you live =p and you can continue toking, although you have to keep job searching... which sucks.

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