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  1. Well I got my seeds on order, both of wich are outdoor (Euforia and Balladonna) and I know I'm gonna be a little late for harvest, my estimate (if all goes well) is that my plants will in the ground about a week into September. I live in the midwest area of the US so I know the tempersture is gonna be changing rapidlly over these next couple of months. So what do you guys think? How should I go about taking care of my plants seeing as how I'm going to be missing the regular harvest? Do you think my plants will be ok, if not how badlly will they be effected? PLease post your insight on this, its appreciated.
  2. Do NOT plant outdoors in September. You obviously know zip about MJ, which is an ANNUAL plant that sprouts in the spring and dies off in autumn.
    Spend the next few months reading up on outdoor growing, so you will be ready for an early start in the spring.
  3. Oh shit...ok then, the seeds I did get though, you think they'll be fine to save till next spring or should I just grow them indoor? The seeds I got would be fine indoor right? Your right dude, I dont have any experience but smoking...
  4. Sup champ,

    You can store those seeds safely for a couple of years. Put them in a dark and cool area and they will be perfect for a long while. Basically anything short of keeping them in the kitchen sink where it is soaking wet or on a window ledge where it is super hot , they will be fine.

    Are those two strains from Paradise seeds? Are the feminised? I am growing a Paradise Seeds femmed strain called Magic Bud. It is a greattt easy grow. Love Paradise, I will recommend it to anyone, anywhere.

    Do some reading in this forum and the absolute beginners guide. You will learn everything you need to know in these forums. That's how I learned to do it, from GC.com, and I have five 6 footers growing now, with a couple surrounding 4 footers.

    I can not wait till October.

    Start the seeds as early as you can and October will become you favorite month of the year.
  5. OK sweet man I appreciate the advice, but damn, wish I had some of my own green this year, guess I'm just gonna have to wait till next year. You think a refrigerator would be a nice place for my seeds?

  6. Um a refrigerator I guess would be a good spot, but just as good of a spot would be your tee shirt drawer or socks or whatever. They basically should not be store din any extreme climate, whether it be too warm or too cold. A refrig. could be bordering on too cold. I have certianly heard of people storing them there before though. I would not go to so much trouble.
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    Archaeologists found seeds in pyramids that were thousands of years old, that germinated no problem (don´t think they were MJ though, LOL). The seeds I will plant next year were produced in 2005, they will be fine.

    If you want to plant now, you can do an indoor grow, but will need to invest in lights. Or save your seeds for an early outdoors start in spring.
  8. OK good then, I already got lights (bought 'em to use over the winter season =) so I guess my outdoor is gonna be indoor...
  9. good luck indoors man. like they said, it would be a total waste of good seeds to grow em outdoors now. hell its already budding season.
  10. thanks bro, ya guess I gotta do alot more reading and research, and by the way, I'm diggin your sig....

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