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Discussion in 'General' started by Bizzoo, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. 70 bucks, so im buyin an 8th of bud, 8th of shrooms aaaaand some munchies.

    cheers to a good day / weekend.
  2. You're already going to have a great weekend!

    Sounds like a great time.
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    damn u and those cali prices I would only have enough to get like 4 grams of dank. or a quarter of shrooms if i got a good deal
  4. yeah should be fun.

    Man, i love how cheap everything is around me haha.....35 dollar chronic 8ths, 20 dollar bomb shroom 8ths, 4-6 dollar a pill thizzle hook....cant get much better haha..
  5. Seriously makes me wish I were you.
  6. lol.....i would say any time you need something let me know....buuuut thats against the rules wink wink.

    But no really, most people dont get great prices because they dont stay with teh same dealer. Ive bought from my guy for going on a year and a half now, always buying 8ths and 0s and shit....so slowly the prices started dropped as we got cooler, and now they are where they are =)

    If you stick with 1 dealer, dont ask for any specific deals every time the prices will start to drop the longer your buying.

  7. LOL I know right.

    He's like "Whoo 70 dollars"

    I'm like "boo..70 dollars"

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