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  1. okay so i just got my seeds today i want to try and germinate one to see if the seeds will be fine in 5 months from now but i want to have it in pot for a while and grow outside but when it gets cold in a month bring it in or what should i do? i just want to try it with 1 seed and i got 5 feminized thc bomb. what yaw think i should do? i dont think i should germ and set in ground because i think it will die in a month and i wont have bud then and it is 80s right now during day at pennsylvania. just please give me thoughts.

  2. I would say grow indoors or start them outdoors next April or may
  3. Wait untill next year if you're going to plant outdoors.
  4. i want to wait but i want start to grow already
  5. Learn about growing indoors with cfls.
  6. Dude, Take those seeds and put them away. Get some cheap seeds and play if you like. IMO save the good seeds for a grow you know you can finish. Not one that you might finish !!!!!!!!!!!

    It will sure be nice to have 5 seeds next year. Than be stuck with only 4.
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    ^ This would be good to do, but I'd start one indoors in a small, but adequate grow area. :p. Well, you gotta sample your strain...right?

    If done right next spring,(and I mean by germinating fast and vegging fast), you could still turn 4 seeds into many healthy, good sized plants by next fall.

    Start the seeds indoors around March 1st, and then you can veg them up and cut many clones. Veg those for another month give or take, and put them outside. *Adjust/acclimate to this schedule as necessary.

    You can turn one healthy, established mom into dozens, upon dozens of plants in a matter of weeks.

    Welcome to GC, best of luck.
  8. it all seems hard to do except grow outside so i think i will wait till april but i think getting dummy seeds from mittys would help me to try and grow inside. because ive never grown anywhere in my life wether its outside or inside. so im learning. i try reading other stories. when i grow inside do i need special chemicals with the water? or can i just use regular water for the whole time. thanks for all the help guys

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