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    ok..so here's how it all began...

    so ok first off a little background..my parents are divorced..and i used to live with my mom all the time but then my mom's side of the family (which..sad to say..i very much dislike and any respect for them has vanished over the years i was alive andhow bad they fucked my family over just to "see what happens' and my mom still goes to them for advice.) ok so.. it was summer..and everyone but my mom is out of my house and my mom comes at like 7..and being a typical teenager i rebel.. so all day and night before 7 or 8 my house would be filled with like 4 mexican fools fixin my house (we were redecorating it or whatever its called) so like my homies and i would just hotbox the house to the max and BP galore and right before my mom would come i would bounce and cruise to a party standard.

    so she got "fed up" with it and asked what my family would do..and being the fuckers they are they told her to kick my ass out of the house and let me live in poverty and hopefully i'll come crawling back for help...which was wayy opposite haha cause i'd be making like 400$ a week and i'd just kick it..but since im a little young.i had to live with my dad which i thought was suuuuuper legit cause he was my hero..as i thought. he was everything i wanted to be except the law part.. first i thought he was fine with me blzing cause i'd blaze right infront of him and talk to him on the phone blitzed outa my mind. bu all of a sudden..he goes nuts and in short fuckin takes my weed and throws it...there goes half an o there. and at that time my mom built up such a hate for me..but not really hate cause i know she loves me but u know like rawwwwwr. so anyway.... inshort my mom came to her senses and started to ignore my family side and do what she felt like she had to..so i had like a 4 hour talk with her about bud and its effects and how its beneficial and even the bad side to it..and we concluded that i'd be gettng my own med card for my shit depressin and pain because i'll be 100% honest..it DOES help.. i used to run like a fuckin kenyan warrior then i fucke dmy knees up and now its never gunna be the same..like my knee is all fucked up or somethign as well as my back.

    soo yea..if u decided to fuck it that paragraph..pretty much moy mom and i talked and ima get my clin card soon...but not now cause i still live with my dad and still goin to his school.

    so yea.. my dad HATES it..and supposedly his college roomate for 4 years was a blazer like me..wake and bake.. come from school and medicate then just kick it. and supposedly my dad "never touched that shit cause its dirty" first off.. his weed in pennsylvania is fuckin shwagg and i got the top shelf vader kush purlple mother fuckin shit and my dad is a little bitch. he's one of those fools that would fuck with you just cause your high or cause ur high just start talkin madd smack and he's VERY controlling. i've lived here for almost a year.. and the best thing that i got was a laptop and a second class dinner every night cause i'm not the same as everyone else.

    this house has about 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms and a FATTT living room that could might aswell be my room...but no ok so there's 1 room downstairs and 3 rooms upstairs..1 room for my dad and his stupid wife who absolutely hates me and is VERY GERMOPHOBIC and doesn't even let her kids come within a 15ft distance fromme and their little and innocent so they dont know their mom is a fucking cunt...and other room for their kids and others for my dad's mom which is a fucking bitch and all she does is just get myass introuble and just talk mad shit and has nothing better to fucking do but mendle into business which she shouldn't be in and then reports it to all fruerer dad.

    so living here for a year..i've never hadmy own room..the room downstairs has the windows bolted and locked and the lock is out and the door is always open and he tried keylogging mylaptop
    AHAHAHAHHAHA dumbass foool doesn't know I can delete that shit quick as fuck.

    so a few weeks ago i was blood tested.. drug tested.. and hair tested a nd passed hahahahhahahah high as fuck hahahahahhaha

    so anyway.. basicly my dad hates me..and i dont wanna live here but got no choice. I mean..i maintain a 3.6+ gpa and blaze all day everyday..even got accepted into my dream college..but my dad called up that dean and told his ass out and then told him to cancel my administration...

    so today.... this fool wanted to pick up a sac.. i cruised out and my dad being the fuck he is follows my ass out and my stupid grandma is on the upstairs room looking at me lowkeyly but she's old and doesn't know how to be a sly *****.

    so i'm fuckin heated and my dad took my scale..bong.. and weed and dumped it all ad started yelling at me..and i guess he didn't like the truth..i used to make more money than his ass in one week then sometimes he makes in 2..now im sittin in the bathroom (pretty much the only fucking room i have) blasting i love smoking marijuana and weed songs highest volume on my laptop hahahahahf cuk that fool

    so my birthday is saturday (yea in a few days) and i had a party planned out and everything that my friend set up for me..and now he wont let my ass go but fuck him i'll do what the fuck i want..

    i dunno what to do cause i know im not gunna stop blazing fuck life in general.. you only got one life to live why not do whatever you want.. the problem insociety is that there's an indefinate "dress code" that everyone should follow..what to say what to wear what to do what to look like has to be all "under parr" unless you want your ass inthe grass.

    Society sucks
    my dad sucks
    grandma sucks
    mylife sucks
  2. You need to grow up man it's your parent's houses not yours. I can't believe you would sell a sack at your house when everyone's home, I mean at least meet the dude up the street or something.

  3. Agreed.
  4. i got caught coming back home, and yea i was a bit reckless but the thin g was i didn't have any onme cause i sold it..didn't even have mopney on me. he went through the roomtook the bed out and the door out and took eerything out of teh closet and attic and found my shit.
    yea im stupid whatever
  5. OP i feel you on this shit man. people are so brainfuckingwashed like your grannny and pops that they wont even listen to anything you have to say. shits fucked up man. go to that party and assuming your 18 whats your dad ganna do about it? worst he can do is kick you out or call the cops on you if he sees weed(which fucking sucks). but maybe getting kicked out will be a blessing in disguise for you man, chill wit a boy for awile? well best of luck my *****

    this puffs for you
  6. You write so bad I could barely read this shit. Get a job and move out, problem solved.

    If this really happened then that is beyond fucked up.

    Your dad sounds like my mom when I was your age. Only thing you can do to change their view is to go to school, graduate, get a decent job and smoke the whole fucking way proving them wrong. And maybe make them watch The Union.

  7. You sound like whiny bitch, not that im saying your a bitch, but reading your post makes you sound like one!

  8. you should call back and tell them not to do that. he legally can not do that if your over 18. its your life. colleges wont even give your parents your grades i think that you should still be fine.
  9. You need to get out of there man. If he really called the dean, get the FUCK out of there before you fucks up your life
  10. Ah, man. It's so funny that I know and hear of more parents who hate/are massive fucks to their kids, than actual loving and supportive, or whatever the hell parents are supposed to be like kinds of parents. Man, can't believe he lost you your college, what a fuck.
  11. Wow you do sound like a whiny bitch, be greatful for what you have. A house, a big one, and you're lucky your dad doesn't kick your ass out onto the street. You sound like a 12 year old. Grow up kid, and learn to appreciate what you have. :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Yeah that is some fucked up shit about the college, but still.
  12. I was about to call you a whiney kid until I read the part of your dad calling the college. Wow, my man, I am so sorry. That is beyond fucked up. Weed is not ruining your future, your own fucking sperm donor just did. I would move out ASAP and try to figure something out with the school.
  13. lol its funny to see how many times you guys have said o what a whiny bitch.. in fact i am not but its the internet i couldn't give two fucks..early today i was super heated as you know and in a rush..and how would you feel if one day you didn't have to do shit except go to class kick it and come home because you know almost all your life is folded right infront of you...then the next day its all gone..it fuckin sucks

    and no i am not 18 yet. so that's why i cant move out..otherwise i would've been the first one to say adios amigos to my dad and his family, i have no choice BUt to live here untill a certain amount of time which varies depending on situations and of which he, my dad, has a lot of power to change.

    and its not that this house isn't big enough..fuck i'd rather live in a 2 bedroom w/ kitchen apartment where i feel "accepted" but not realy..or where i dont feel like a fuckin convict in my "own house"

    and as for the college..the spot is already taken..there's only so many spots available for foreign students and that college is one of the top in its class...so out of say 20 spots available for foreigns...there's thousands of people that register.

    so befoer you go stamping "whiny bitch" on my thread thing, just take a minute and just visualize what happened..

    and that by NO means means feel bad for me, because that wont get anywhere, better just to move on, right?
  14. In before ban! :wave:
  15. Why am I not surprised he's under 18?
  16. eh whatevs, i will be in exactly 2 months from saturday
  17. See Ya in two months then! :p
  18. adios whiney bitch!
  19. *Stumbles in engulfed in a cloud of smoke* "Did I make it in before the ban?"
  20. yea just sit back and enjoy the show

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