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    I just served 18 months in the Illinois Dept. of Corrections.

    I got caught serving 4lbs, 4 pistols and a home invasion lowered to a res. burg.

    I haven't had a chance to smoke yet because I just got out Wednesday and I have no money. Also, I have a terrible heroin addiction and all of my money got blown on dope. I used to frequent these forums because I love the herb. I'm looking forward to leading a simpler life where I don't get sick if I don't use. So I'm kicking the dope habit and I'm gonna smoke some chive.

    I gotta go back and do another 16 months because I booked out of the halfway house I got paroled to. But until they catch me, I'm gonna smoke good.

    Thanks for the support.
  2. whoa man, that's pretty intense. hope it all works out for you, and good luck kicking the dope addiction.
  3. damn bro, that sux. anyway good luck and fuck the police. peace and love bro
  4. 18 months in the slammer and your addiction is still thriving?

    sorry to hear it man. i've never been in that position but you should have waited out the parole. you're just going to go back where you ran from once they release you again

    good luck and good vibes your way
  5. At first I was gonna be like "Awesome! Let us know how it is when you blaze" but then I read that you ran away from the halfway house?...

    No offense but it's people like you that give people who smoke weed a bad reputation.
  6. ^i think giving weed a good reputation is the last thing on the dude's mind right now =/
  7. In his defense, halfway houses are often awful places for people with addictions. I have heard of several people who fled their halfway house just so that they could escape the large amounts of drugs available in them and get clean.

    OP: Assuming you are not trolling, I am very sorry America has failed you like it failed so many others.
  8. good luck on the run bro, watch your back for the blue n white in chi, there always creepin.
  9. yeah best to ya bro, everyone has the right to take ownership of their life and take freedom where they'd otherwise be denied, keep fightin the good fight.

  10. Uh, he also does dope I think he gives a perfectly reasonable name for someone who shoots up... Im not dissin you OP but I'm just provin this guy wrong. How are you still addicted after 18 months of no H? I'm very curious
  11. Damn man i hope everything works out for you man.

    Ive never been seriously addicted to anything, so I cant really relate to the dope habit but I hope can quit and stay clean man. It would suck to have to shoot up just to not get sick.

    Good luck mayne. Shits hard out there, you gotta be harder :D
  12. I had a habit in Lawrence. It's easy to get dope in the joint. My celly sold it.

    I'm on day 3 right now, still doing okay. Sick as a fucken dog, but I can manage. I really wanna smoke though.

    Yeah, everyone at the halfway house was getting high and violating. Hope I can get some decent nuggage this week. Thanks for all the support.

  13. good luck friend. you do what you gotta do. my hats off to ya
  14. wait... are you saying that because this dude is is addicted to H, and went to jail for breaking the law that this is AMERICAS fault? I'm pretty sure there's people all over the world who do smack and go to jail....
  15. And also dealing in guns and invading homes

    Yeah he's the victim

  16. Lawrence kansas?

    but word man, ignore the haters.

    do what feels right.
  17. Call your PO, apologize, say you just freaked out after getting a taste for freedom and want to come back in and do things right.

    He can make some paperwork disappear.

    No more 11 months extra.

  18. This is a good Idea at least worth a try, all the best man I hope you get back on the tracks soon
  19. General? Is there a sub-forum for Firearms and Home Invasions?

    I prefer my weed without the crime...

  20. ^ good idea

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