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just got offered to get my dick sucked by two girls

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hiimhi, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. well I went to the store to get a couple drinks, it's raining pretty hard outside and there were these two girls who were cute and had nice bodies, looked around 17-18 years. They were sitting outside, apparently calling around looking for a ride, as I overheard them say "well I don't want to wait forever." I get my drinks and go back to my car and they approach me, "Would you be willing to give us a ride into town?" *Town is about 20miles from where we were.*

    I reply, well I would but I don't have much gas, other wise I would give them a ride. And to my astonishment, they reply "We will suck your dick." :hello:
    "Haha...How old are you girls?"
    "We're 15."
    ..."Uhhh...hit me up in a few years. good luck"

    haha, I wanted to say yes, as they were fine as hell, and looked 18..but they were 15 so I had to say no.

    lmfao, what would you guys have said?
  2. i would have said, get in my car
  3. i would say no cause of their age but of course my dick would be saying hey brain what are you fucking stupid, but ya i would have to do the right thing but it's only human to be conflicted

  4. yea man my dick was screaming"FUCK YES!", but my brain was like..."What if they're cops!?"
  5. if i was really drunk... maybe. 15's kinda a deal breaker. 16 probably but 15's still like middle school shit.
  6. you should have never asked and you'd be gettin yo dick sucked right now son!

    they gotta learn some time right?!j/k
  7. Suckin' dick for rides.....lol......hoebagz everywhere!
  8. Why are you posting here when inevitably your going to get five "cool storie bro's" you should have gotten your dick wet... Like a real man :smoke:
  9. A blow job from two underaged (hopefully) inexperienced girls isn't worth the potential risk. Smart move OP. Although it might not feel like it, you win tonight.

  10. they were 15..

    if they had said 16+ I would have said fuck yea get in, but...they were 15.

    15 is middle school...i'm grad from highschool...
  11. That's the new plot for "To catch a Predator"

    nice job on the turn down... If you said yes Chris Hansen was also going to ride along

  12. probably.
    it just struck me odd that they both looked 18... The age of consent here is 16..so 15, being underage...my gut just said "undercover..."
  13. 15 isn't middleschool lol for all the people saying that. I know people who are sophmores in highschool that are 15..
  14. That never happened...2 girls never approached you with the offer to blow you for a 20 mile ride....The fact that you would even post such a far fetched story is comical!

  15. you mad?
  16. Haters gonna hate!
  17. i was in Vegas with my 2 friends and these underage well they were girls but

    basically they were hookers offered to kinda sorta hook up with us all if some of us

    would be good enough to pay for their bus fare back to San Diego. They didn't just

    come out and say all this in the first five minutes but it all came out as we partied

    that night, they started out by lying about their age , anyway me and one of my

    friends ended up saying no, but my one friend took them up on their offer (they

    charged him extra for anal) and yep he payed for 2 one way tickets.....stuff like this

    happens lol.....(the bus fare thing was just the girls way of being in denial they were

    hookers i think)
  18. I'm scared for those girls. If they are willing to suck a strangers dick for a ride at age 15 I can only imagine what they'll be like in a few years, given that they survive and aren't murdered by some random guy they get a ride with.

  19. seriously...some strange people in this even stranger world
  20. Ok maybe but think bout it.. There are plenty of sophmores that are 15 and maybe there from hawaii so its cool cause of the concent laws there, thats also a plausible excuse... Just my stoned thoughts on that matter:smoke:


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