Just got my seeds!!! How should you store them? Any tips on growing and equipment?

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    I'm a long time smoker but I've never grown before... I've wanted to for awhile because I love marijuana with a passion and I'm sick of paying high prices because I smoke alot!:smoke: So I finally decided to grow and started researching and ordered some seeds. I'm an educated smoker (school and cannabis history) but I know nothing about growing it or growing anything.

    I just got the seeds yesterday and I was pretty PSYCHED:) I got 40 in total (20 free) and 20 of some good strains but I want to experiment with the free ones first before I get into the good ones... so what is the best way to store the seeds? or does it even matter? Right now they are in a padded envelope in tiny ziploc bags. I won't be able to grow anything though until November but I assume the seeds are fine for atleast a good couple months or longer. Also do you guys have any tips on equipment to use and/or recommendations of good brands and stuff for lighting and such? I have a few grand set aside so money isn't a huge issue and I'm going to be using a grow tent in a decent size closet to grow my plants. I'm wanting to growing 10 or so plants in the future but about 4 now to get started. So any tips on what to use and good brands would be sick also:smoke:
  2. good to hear your so interested, but remember good weed crops aren't cheap.

    grow cheap get cheap basically.

    you can get started growing very good mary jane, around 350-400.

    but its alot of shipping.

    high tech garden supply is very good and reasonably priced.

    you'd need a grow tent;

    a 250w+ light,

    a 6in vortex/can fan/valueline.

    fox farm ocean soil, with big bloom, tiger bloom and umm ughh another one, cant remember.

    or use hydrotron or something its the beads of clay that hold water amazingly.

    then youll need a timer and ph meters and ph up and down chemicals.

    A fan controller is very nice to turn the fan down at night works nicely for stealth sleeping areas.

    a few fans oscilating or just blowing in a certain direction.

    an inline duct fan is awesome for light cooling right before the exhaust fan blows out.

    thats all i can suggest, as thats basically what im doing.

    adding t5's or LED's or CFL's is always awesome, these are types of light that are great for lighting bottoms of plants in flower when they get big!

    Thats all i can think of, add more if needed.
  3. i store my seeds in a black plastic GNC pill bottle in a baggie with two silica bead packs(like the ones in the bottom of a new pair of soes box)

    last for a longtime

    beginner grower so im still working on equip.
  4. I think if you keep them in a cool dark place they should be fine. I heard of people throwing them in the fridge. Suppossably extends their life.

    Obviously keep them in an airtight container.
  5. Awesome thanks for the tips guys! I'm gonna store most of them in an air tight jar and keep them in the fridge. I have about 15 in a tiny air tight ziplock bag in a drawer cause I'll be growing them in November.

    Pigpen: Sounds like a legit setup, thanks for the info man.:smoke:

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