Just got in an accident f my life

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  1. It was my dads truck too so telling him was rough but he was less mad than I thought. He wont let me take his truck anymore which is 100% understandable that Im not even the slightest mad about he was just kind of like its what it is accidents happen. I hit a friend of mine too which made it worse. My friends say it was his fault but most of the older people say its probly gona be my fault. Heres what happened. I was parked on the left side of the road (I know now that its illegal) and I was gonna turn around in a driveway on the right side so I check my blindspot look in my right mirror I see my friend a good distance away so I signal start to turn and mid turn he comes zipping by at like 45-50 mph (residential area) and by the time I saw him creep up on me it was too late and I couldnt stop and I hit him. Nobody got hurt so atleast theres that but its really just been a huge mindfuck. I know I hit him and he had the right of way because he was going straight and I know I parked on the wrong side of the street but he was doubling the speed limit thats gota count for something cause I actually took all the safety precausions and I did see him I was just not aware of how fast he was going. Anyway it doesnt really matter cause the state I live in has faultless insurance but its still not a good feeling to have caused an accident.
    So blades ever been in accident? And what do think fault wise I understand that its partially my fault but how much of the blame would you put on him honestly?
  2. You should always just wait.. you saw him and you still decided to go. Taking a couple extra seconds out of your day and not being in an accident is worth it. Patience is key while driving man.
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  3. Nobody is to blame it was a accident that's all
  4. Using the word accident isnt proper anymore, its a collison, an "accident" is nonsense, a collison can be attributed to the faults of one or more drivers and im sorry but parking on the left side of the road is not a very smart thing to do, cutting across of somebody, not a smart thing to do, maybe he was speeding however who the fuck expects somebody to do that from the left, that is why its illegal to park on the left.
    There are rules in place for a reason, if you choose to stray outside of them you best do so with some experience or, heres a better idea, your own vehicle. 
    Not to be an ass but shit man, doing dumb shit on the road can get you killed, people look at it casually, its a huge responsibility. 
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    Honestly? I think you should of waited. I don't know the exact distance that separated you guys but if you saw him coming but tried to rush it then I would say it's mostly your error. 
  6. If were parked illegally, it will likely be deemed your fault. Sorry man. Glad you and your friend (what luck eh?) are all right, car issues work out eventually. Shit happens, just remember to be more careful in the future. We've all made a driving mistake or two.
    He shouldn't have been speeding, no. But he likely wasn't expecting you to pull out. I don't know though, I'm still trying to get an accurate mental picture of it :p but yeah, with you being parked on the left side, and the one crossing the road (not having the right of way), you're likely going to be found at fault.
    Been in a handful of wrecks. Most of them bullshit, one, definitely not. Got the scars to prove it :smoke: wear your seatbelt, blades!
  7. I forgot to add ive been in 6 accidents, ive been rear ended 5 times in winter by 19-25 year old woman texting (Im not joking) and one time i was driving my 89 jimmy blazer, solid fucking metal like a tank and t-boned two 17 year old girls, they were driving a little neon, i was accelerating from a right turn, up to 60 KM/H, probably hit them like 50, they had a stop sign to my left and basically cut infront of me in heavy, heavy traffic, i had vehicles to my left and couldnt see them coming until it was too late i would of gotten a ton of insurance money and probably sued however they had a vehicle of two males behind them who said i was speeding and didnt care to stop, they said it looked like i was speeding up when i hit her, which i was, however she had a stop sign and im almost positive she failed to stop at it however i couldn't prove it because they had witnesses. 
    after i hit the two girls, the two guys, they both come running up, ask me if im okay and then start throwing blame at me for the next 5 minutes while im in a whip lashed daze basically yelling and screaming at me, these two were both 16 didnt look old enough to drive, luckily the cops were right there or god help me i would of bashed both their fucking heads in, never been more pissed off in my life, cut me off and then yell at me i dont think so, but their testimony totally fucked me, my shit was written off.
    And their neon looked like a crushed up can, it was literally half the size of what it originally was before impact, metal on plastic, shit man, its a wonder the girl on the passenger side didnt fucking die and that was only at 50. 
  8. His fault because he was going fucking 45mph in a neighborhood. If he had been going the normal speed limit would you have made it with plenty of room? If so it isnt your fault. And parking on the left side of the road is not that bad at all I do it all the time in front of my yard.
  9. Well since I was signaling and was in mid turn anyone paying attention to the road would expect someone to pull out. He drives a standard and he just got his truck (literally 2 days ago) so he was still getting used to it and he said he was shifting into a HIGHER gear(so he was accelerating) and Im assuming he was looking at the shifter and not the road because it was very clear that I was signaling and turning but in the eyes of the law he has the right of way and in the eyes of the law I was in the wrong lane so Im probably getting blamed and some responsibility definately falls on me but he was accelerating towards me and was already speeding so come on now its somewhat his fault and theres no was he didnt see me if he was looking at the road cause he didnt even hit his brakes until after I hit him.
  10. Ya, you fucked up being on the wrong side, took the right of way and all that. But you said it was in a residential area, so your buddy fucked up as well traveling 45-50 in what, a 25 zone? That's fucking crazy! He's damned lucky he hit your dads truck instead of some little kid chasing a ball or something. What if a front tire blew out going that fast in a slower zone?
    I agree with those who said you should wait until the traffic passes, or at least wait until you have time to determine that one car way down there is coming slower than a 7 year itch.
    Consider this a driving lesson. I hope this lesson sticks with both of you for a long time. Um... you DID lean something, didn't you?
  11. Its your fault, you cant verify one way or the other how fast he was going but you knowingly broke traffic laws and drove in to him. You can try to convince yourself all you want but had you been following the law and using common sense there wouldnt have been a collision.

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