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just got caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by folied, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. i went to go smoke a bowl before bed and i thought my dad went to sleep but he didnt. he went to go get the laundry and so me outside and said what are you doing? and I said enjoying the weather. and he said don't lie to me, i smell the pot, whats in your hand? and I said a pipe and went to my room and put it away. He said you better stop or there will be consequeneces. im sooo scared and paranoid right now and I went upstairs to judge my dads reaction and he is sooo dissapointed me
  2. Don't worry...He will forget about it soon.

  3. ouch.
  4. don't worry. it's happened to most of us. time will pass and life will go on.
  5. My mom caught me smoking in my room once. I smoke in here alot, never been caught till then. Thought she was asleep, she walked in as I was mid toke. Next day she just said " I know what you were doing..soo...." We have never talked about it since

    If you parents are chill they will drop it. If they are strict then you're gunna have to smoke away from your house and be careful
  6. Aw damn. It sounds like my parents. And if he's serious about the consequences it will get bad fast. Im getting weekly random u.a's from my parents. You can dope the urine with bleach. I put 14 drops in from an eye dropper lol. Clears your urine right up.
  7. Heres what you do, If he brings it up again, ask him how he knows what pot smells like...

    My parents never caught me, me and my brother told them about it lol, It helped us though because we new that they did it to >: )
  8. If he wasn't angry about it, just go hug him tomorrow.
    Let him talk to you about it if he want's, just act like a normal person does and he will see that it's no big deal.
    Do not get angry or overly paranoid, because then he will think pot is like crystal meth.

    Basically show him that you are the same person you were before he knew you smoked.
  9. Exactly, The reason my parents still let me smoke is because I showed them im mature and I don't do it like every other day...
  10. man i remember the first time i got caught. that was a very bad day. and such a buz killer. just be kool about it and try not to go at ur pops and make shit worse. just look him in the eye and say yes sir. ok sir. will do sir. and go on about your life. oh and be alot more careful about it to.
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    Don't sweat it dude. The good news is your dad didn't take immediate action which obviously means he isn't to harsh when it comes to pot. Your dad probably use to smoke back in his prime anyhow.

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