Just got caught haha

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  1. Alright so I'm 18 and 3 months away from being in college. I was hitting a bowl outside my window for like 2 minutes, packed everything up, and put it away. But like 10 mins after she knocks and comes in and explains to me that she knows i'm high and that they've been noticing it for the past week. I don't know how they only noticed it for the past week but whatever.

    She said she noticed because I was eating more food lately and because I was being so much nicer and more conversational at dinner. Not kidding at all. I almost started laughing as if I was doing something wrong.

    I explained its only recreational but no way am I gonna stop smoking for my last high school summer. They don't seem too mad because I'm finishing with a 94.1 gpa but I feel like its just gonna be awkward.

    Just realized there's no point in this post but whatever. :smoke:
  2. Sounds like it worked out for the better getting caught for you. As did it with mine, I keep my shit on the downlow even after they know that I smoke religiously, you can either keep doing that and live in paranoia(which can sometimes be a good thing) and anxiety or you can ask them if they are ok with you doing it and make it less of an awkward situation and more of a "going out to smoke real quick mom." thing. The reason I stook with keeping it low is because I have 2 little brothers that I don't want to influence, in fact I believe my little brothers could really use the smoke but I honestly don't want any kind of guilt on my hands if they start abusing it or something.
  3. LOL a 94.1 GPA?!?!:eek::smoke:
  4. lol.
    my gpa in highschool was like.. 1.20 or something. i only went for 9th grade and i got expelled halfway through that year.
  5. Yeah I mean I feel like you're bound to get caught eventually.
  6. He means %-wise. Usually, at least in canada you get a % at the end of a semester in each class. Which means he average 94.1% in all his classes this year, which is pretty damn good.
  7. Hence your name, I see it now lol.
  8. Congrats man. Your a great representative of the herb. :smoke:

    wish i could say the same. Round here, people dont give a fuck about accomplishments unless you have a million of them. Everything i do nowadays people blame on the weed.

    I've been forgetful since fucking birth. My mum knows that. But everyone else in town thinks that weed is killing my memory, even though my actions/memory hasnt changed and they've only known that i smoked for a fucking month..

    You got it good man. 94.1GPA... Your livin my dream dude. Respect.:eek:
  9. Thanks man. Never let the herb come first. It should always be simply an enhancement to life. Don't let it control.
  10. Amen to that bro. :smoke:

    Happy Smokin. ^_^
  11. haha once i got home from a friends house high and my mom searched me because she said she was suspicious because i was being too "nice".
  12. Sounds like that went pretty well.
  13. I think it's better to come out clean and tell them; as long as your grades aren't affected then I don't find anything wrong.
  14. hell yea me 2:metal:
    we're cool dudes:cool:
  15. i did enough work in high school just to pass...why waste time doing all the homework if you're gonna pass the test anyhow?
  16. Yeah this is what I've always done.

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