Just got caught, but it's funny

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  1. My friend, L and I were smoking outside on the side of my house (grandmothers house) when my mother who bitches at me for it but doesn't really say anything anymore wanted to use my computer to fill out some documents, well I have a big glass pitcher of catnip tea in my room with a lil straw in it and it was majority gone (i'll post a pic). My sister, friend, mother and me all started in a ridiculously long funny laugh and I kept laughing. In fact I'm laughing now. Anyways, she looked into my friends eyes and put her hand on his thigh, so I was like 'feelin up on my friend mom?' and she was like "you don't think I don't know when you two are stoned and she just walked out with a grin, that was funny.

    PITCHER - [​IMG]
  2. im lost i think its me but what did your mom think about the tea
  3. I'm sorry, I realize that made little sense...
  4. What is that?
  5. ya brotha

    explain yo self.:confused::confused:
  6. hahahahaha
    yea i dont really get it either but ur mum was feelin up ur mate?fuckin ae..
  7. Translation:

    My friend L and I like to blaze a lot, and we were recently just blazing outside of the house.

    My mom knows I smoke and used to bitch at me about it, but she doesn't really say anything anymore.

    After we smoked we were chillin in the house, and my mom decided she needed to use the computer to fill out a few documents. Before she made her exit, she suddenly put her hand on my friend's leg and stared into his eyes.

    I say "fellin up on my friend, mom?" and she replies "you don't think I don't know when you two are stoned?!" and leaves the room. We all started laughing hysterically, my sister included who witnessed the whole thing. Here is a random picture of "catnip tea" that really has nothing to do with the story.

  8. :smoke:
  9. WTF is catnip tea?
  10. You guys got it all wrong, the catnip tea was funny because I have a straw in it like a big cup but it as a huge picture so my mom was like "I've seen it all."
  11. What the fuck mann you don't make sense! lol
  12. So I googled catnip tea.

    Catnip Tea. Soothing catnip tea. Catnip can be used as a mild tranquilizer, induce sweating, aid in menstruation, treat a cold or flu, anti-gas and treat cholic in babies. It also works better than DEET as an insect repellent.

    Use 1 heaping teaspoon per 6 oz cup. Heat water until boiling. Steep for 5-10 minutes.

    pms tea lol.
  13. This thread leaves me with more questions than answers
  14. ill explain it when im bored n sober.
  15. Was the tea for cats??? Was it for your mom's PMS? Did your mom actually wanna get it on with ur m8??? Why would the tea make her think she has "seen it all" ???? pretty sick story but im pretty curious to actually what happened.
  16. LOL. Sorry Jacob. Reading what you're saying gives me a headache. That's some real talk
  17. the point that hes making about the tea is that he had a straw in a PITCHER. you can faintly see the straw in the pic. his mom thought it was funny cause it's a fucking pitcher
  18. In the middle of reading this thread I started laughing out loud.....

    +rep for making so little sense that the explanation didn't make sense.....


    ridiculous... i'm so high
  19. #1 most confusing post award goes to..... JacobR !!!!
    congrats, no one knows what the fuck youre talking about!

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