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Discussion in 'General' started by rpmuser123, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. God damn I had a sore throat that had been getting worse and worse for 10 days. Started out as JUST a sore throat, then lymph nodes started swelling big time, then tonsils started swelling, then the lymph nodes started moving the pain up my jawline to my ear. I haven't eaten in 2 days because I can't open my mouth far enough, I can barely swallow any liquids, and then this morning I couldn't talk any more either(well, at least not that anyone could understand). So i decided after almost 2 weeks of this shit it was time to do something about it, even though i have no insurance and no income. So I went to the hospital and told me what I already knew, that I have Strep throat that went untreated waaaaaaaaay too long. They gave me some long acting steroids for my throat and a script for some meds that should make me better. I've also been sweating like a beast every night, to the point I wake up in a puddle, literally a puddle of sweat. Every night. For 10 days. Not to mention no smoking(weed or cigs) and no drinking I've just been fucking miserable these last week. Just thought I'd share because now I have hope that I'll be better in a few days and able to do my own thing again instead of not eating and laying around the house all day trying to sleep because it's hard to when you wake up in sweat cause you can't go back to sleep in sweat.
  2. sounds so shitty dude, I had something like that where I would just hack up phelgm all night and feel really sick. i thought it was allergies because it lasted so long, but it went away after like 2+ weeks of hell :(
  3. Yeah I've just been so depressed and under the weather it's really about as bad as it gets. Your throat doesn't seem too important to most people until it gets fucked up and then you realize how much you use it for everything

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