Just got back from the Bahamas.

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  1. :hello:

    Unfortunitly I cant find the cord to my digital camera or else i'd share everything I saw. It was amazing. First day we got 87 lobster. I've never ate so good in my life. I have so many stories to tell but i'm bout to go out on the town. Just wanted to give a shout letting everyone know I'm back. My buddy too his underwater camera so i'll upload those when I get them so be looking out for my future thread.

    It was great. I was so worried about finding bud. I brought my own bud but it hardly lasted me to the second day. As I was packing my last bowl on the porch (which has a beautiful full beach view) a kid saw me, jumped the fence, and asked to get something out of my room... He went in, jumped up on my bed and pulled out a bag out of the cealing . I was tripping. If he didn't see me hit that bowl he wouldn't have got his bud and I would have sat the whole time fiending not knowing there was a nug right above me. Anyways, we packed up a couple and he took me to find some guy. I jumped on his golf cart and went down the beach and he hooked me up. they said it was 10/g but it was whatever you got. I got 2, Second time I came back he gave me 2 for 1, then the last day he hooked me up with 2 for $8. I ended up giving him my hightimes as a gift since they've probably never seen one on the island.

    It didn't look too good but it was probably the best on the island. Real dark, couple seeds, EXTREMELY sweet smelling and amazingly sticky. I was pissed when I first saw it but after I smoked it had me soaring. I was amazed. Made me wonder if it was some sativa. Never had a high like it. I'm somewhat discouraged but I'm curious about the genetics. I have some seeds and I'm thinking about popping them to get a variation of something from another country but judging by the drying/curing of it, I'm guessing they didn't keep the genetics too 'clean'.
  2. Awesome journey. :)

    Dude, that's nuts. You're one lucky stoner. Glad you had yourself a great time and welcome back. :D
  3. I'm in love with the place. We stayed in Bimini which is mainly fishing tournaments, lobstering and drug smuggling. Everything is just so slowly paced and all the natives are extremely nice, and all the others are 'fake' nice. When I'm well off this is my number one place to get a house. It's a shame though. They've began a lot of dredging to make the beaches bigger for condos on the north (rich) part of the island. They're also bulding a casino. I pray this place doesn't become a 'little america' or even like the other islands of the bahamas. Everything is so easy going. Only saw one cop. As bad as the drugs are there, and trust me theyre BAD, theres hardly any crime and whatever crime there is its mostly part of the south island (won't go there, crazy cutthroat fuckers) kept to itself. No ones fucking up the game.

    I thought this was insainly creepy though. I was sitting in my room opened my eyes and thought I saw someone standing by my AC unit. After that, being all high and paranoid, I just kept thinking theres a bad omen. I kept concentrating on it and I swear I saw someone peaking around my wall. Found out the next day there was a double shotgun murder in room 6, I was in 4. Wasn't too comforting because the people telling me couldn't remember for sure the room it was in. They just said 'check out six, why do you think everythings new'. I was the only room with a new digital A/C unit :(

    Another night I woke up to a little black dot moving around, it went away and I went back to sleep. Woke up again saw it, jumped out of bed and saw the palmetto bug god of the island. Had to be atleast 3". I slept in the bathroom that night. I have an intense phobia of anything that resembles a roach... and palmetto bugs are worse.
  4. I just got back from a cruise in the caribbean...i was worried about finding bud too so i brought my own. Every island (5) i stopped at i bought bud so i had like a caribbean bud sampler type thing going on. Smoking on the balcony of my room and starring out into the vast sea was THE BEST SMOKE EVER!!! If anyone ever has a chance to toke on a ship, take it!
  5. I became pretty attached to the tree I smoked on every night. It was bent perfectly to fit your back and had another bend to fit hold up your feet. It overlooked the ocean which was had a perfect sunset every night. I can't wait to post the pics. Wish my camera had email or bluetooth.

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