Just got back from Skynyrd!!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by weedseed, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. it was badass i had close ass seats, at about the last four songs i made it to the stage..didnt get a pick or anything but gave johnny 5 so that was cool, i took pics so eventually ill get them developed and on here.one crazy nite..just thought id let you all know it was good since i mentioned it awhile back..
  2. Awesome man! Skynyrd is the shit.
  3. they didnt play "that smell" which kinda pissed me off. medlocke was gettin into it hardcore,not sure if rossington got too big to get crazy or if hes just too messed up these days but he was kinda slow onstage..some 45year+ women had the seat next to me and they were playin random classic rock songs she says "are you even old enough to know who skynyrd is?" i was like "oh, i thought my tickets were to the dixie stampede!"..she wouldnt shutup after that, i swear she quizzed me on every song that came on before the show..then some chick in the beer line also about 45..black pants black leather jacket white hair randomly turns around in line and grabs me and says "we should cuddle" i just chuckled and slid out from under her arms..some chick one row up and like 8 seats down had her lighter out and singed her boyfriends ponytail..all in all it was a crazy drunken high night..had to smoke outside in the freezing cold,the concert was in a no smoking building wtf?

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