Just got back from my most sexual encounter EVER

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by BenBong, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. My fist sexual fantasy was just fulfilled. Involved a bombshell 40 something milf. Still kind of in aw, it was insane. And what can i say, IM HELLA BAKED.
  2. I'll start it off...

  3. Dude trust me, if I could have some how manged to i would have. Its been a few days coming, we met as I was leaving a job interview at a local casino and hti it off, next thing i knew we were talking dirty and she asked if I would like to mee up. At first i wrote her off as talk, but after receiving a text today asking me to come over I have come to realize she was all about business. After round 2 we got to talking and she would like to make it a regular thing, she was hinting at letting her husband join as well.. but i told her i would have to think about that. I just moved to town and dont really know too many people, hence the reason i am posting, i had to share with someone.

  4. ahhh now i see why ur fantasy was fulfilled
  5. haha not even. Although she did make it sound pretty hot..
  6. I want both of you inside me..... simultaneously. :D
  7. Shit, why not? Ha i dunno, I guess some people are just very sexually active, I personally am very open minded, no where near gay but open to other peoples lifestyles ya know?
  8. dude my fantasies consist of me getting my dick sucked by 8 girls at the same time, titties and vaginas all over my body...... there is no other dick involved, in my fantasy i'm the last dude on earth.... shit if u can't give it to her enough thats prob why she wants her husband to fuck her at the same time..... grossssssss
  9. What would happen after you jizzed yo pants before they started touching you? come on now, and no where in my post did i say my fantasy was to have a threesome, been there done that. Call me a critical thinker, but if i can give her enough to where she wants to make it a regular thing (no strings attached) i imagine im doing something right.
  10. Well, congrats dude.
    But Im sticking to my own age pussy.
    I love dem young girls.. :love:

    Not that young ofc.

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