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just got assigned even more community service

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flared, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. i got 30 hours community service for being supposedly under the influence of a substance with offense 2c:18-3c (peering through a window)
  2. peering through window.....details?
  3. dude with the wide availability of internet porn and a steady diet of lap dances you can ween yourself off the peeping tom shit pretty easily.
  4. two weeks of my life down the drain because of asshole police. my friends and i were about to call a night, stoned as shit, and we thought it would be funny to stand at someone's front window after we rang their doorbell. they called the police on us when we left their property after not speaking to them at all, and we were literally seconds away from concluding the night when we got stopped by two cars

    we were searched. my friend had two roaches on him in his wallet and i had a full gram on me in mine that the officers didn't check when we emptied our pockets (thankfully). we were brought down to the station and assigned 30 hours each. my previous offense was 30 hours for having possession of drug paraphernalia, and i get 30 more for looking into a window for five seconds
  5. your lucky all you got was arrested. standin around peoples windows in the middle of the night is a great fucking way to get shot.

    **also you shouldnt have been fucking with people while you had illegal shit on you. they teach that in teenage jackassery 101.

    sounds like the only assholes in this deal arent the cops, butt you and your dude
  6. #7 Flared, Nov 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 20, 2011
    actually, we were not trying to be assholes, or anything more than a couple of stoned kids trying to humor themselves at the very least. no harm was done whatsoever. i don't even live in a town with much crime. the homeowners didn't want to press charges, and weren't concerned after being informed it was just a couple of young people trying to be funny, but the police officers decided 30 hours of community service was in perfectly fair judgment in correlation to my last offense
  7. 30 hrs isn't that long be happy nothing worse happened to you
  8. i think your supposed to run after you ring the door bell? right?
  9. where's the humor in that?

  10. The humor is getting a whole week to laugh all you want you want while that smartass kid gets chores for standing there and waiting for trouble
  11. Ummm...Police can't just assign community service, this requires a court order. Tell Johnny Lawman you need the community to service you for 30 hours and walk out.
  12. ^^^^ haha awesome
  13. maybe you should not be doing dumb shit...
  14. Do you have to register as a sex offender?
  15. hahahahhaha I think it's funny how you guys think someone's misery is funny, because I don't think it's funny that he got caught, sucks, but it is his fault and he knows that...why don't you guys tell him he's stupid and it's his fault for being stupid so you can laugh some more?

    Point I'm trying to make is, we all do stupid things when we're young...I wouldn't think someone would call the cops on me if I did that...but then again I wouldn't. Also you guys are dumb for not running (joke), first thing I would have done (if i was alone). Then again, I doubt any cop could catch me, then again, again, I've never been in that situation.

    But it sucks bro, life lesson learned....don't peak into peoples' windows.
  16. still dumb to go out int he middle of the night and ring peoples door bells and then try to creep them out by peering through there window.
    and to do it with weed on you is just being even dumber.leave that shit at home if your gunna do stupid shit.
    if your bored,rent a movie,play a video game,or go on an adventure,etc etc,dont be a creeper and stare at people.
  17. #18 Flared, Nov 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 20, 2011
    regardless of how unintelligent it might have been, the consequence does not suit it. the police should have immediately let us go back home right after the residents claimed they were fine and no longer concerned about the situation. no one was harmed, harassed, or offended. the police came up with the accusation of us staring through their window because we were on their porch seeing if they were home. they made comments that were out of line and trying to manipulate us when we were stopped. they claimed we were "under the influence", which was irrelevant to the situation regardless, and they had no proof of it. we waited until they came out and ran away pretending to cry

    it was mildly funny, and i'm not denying that fact. the police in my town will do anything to fuck you over as hard as possible for even the most insignificant things. i'm only saying: fuck the police. you do not have to agree with me, you can call me an idiot or whatever, but we were having some harmless fun being stoned and nothing more. i don't agree with the punishment that suits it, especially in comparison to last time when i got busted for smoking with two bowls on me
  18. How do you know the owners of the house weren't scared they were gonna get egg'd or tp'd or some shit like that? Honestly if some fucker was standing in my front porch staring at me I would also call the cops...

  19. Misery? It was a dumb situation that could have been avoided easily if op had done a little thinking...
    Also, what po dunk town do you come from op? Where ringing a doorbell and just...standing funny?

    Get an xbox dude...

    Also, youre lucky you dont live in texas, or wyoming, because thats an easy way to end up with a bullet hole in your chest.

    Have fun servicing the community, maybe think next time dude?

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