Just Got An Old School Amp

Discussion in 'General' started by PeacefulStoner, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I was about to buy an amp for my car and then my dad calls me and asks if i want an amp that he used to use.

    I said yeah and he brought it over, its an MTX Thunder 2300x.

    Its from 1998 or something but its like 750watts.

    Should i sell it and get a newer amp or just use it?

    I'm sure it was a great amp back in the day but its pretty outdated.
  2. You probably won't get much for it

  3. Yeah, probably 40 or 50 bucks
  4. Use it, use it, use it!

    A newer amp doesn't always necessarily mean it will be better. Amp technology has been pretty steady since the 90's, and I am sure there are a few old school blades here that will agree with me that newer doesn't always mean better. :D That amp in particular has good, strong bass support, and it's 750W, which is decent in terms of power. In the end though, whatever you end up hooking it up to, make sure the speakers and sub are of good quality.:D

    Hope that helps. :wave:
  5. as it goes with a lot of things in the music industry, newer doesnt always mean better.
  6. Just cause it says 750 watts dont mean its actually gonna push that much
  7. It's a good amp. 750 watts could probably mean the peak performance you'll get from it. But since it's a bit older I wouldn't attempt to push that much power from it. You could cause your subs to blow and you're s.o.l.

    Take it to a car audio place. (not car toys or some corporate crap) or check Craigslist for people thatll come to your place and check it out.

    Good luck with your amp.
  8. 1998, old skool?

    Shit, I'm getting old.
  9. a 750w amp wont really be giving your subs the power they deserve. I have a 1800w amp turned down to ~800w that i use for my two 12's a 750w would be better suited to power your door speakers. i use a 500w for this in my car.

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