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Discussion in 'General' started by Maryjoowanna, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I just thought of the coolest business ever. Although, I can not tell you all what it is. Otherwise you may steal my idea...communists :smoking:

    Just kidding. Just don't take my idea :smoke:

    Ok, so it'll be like your little mom and pops, but it will be dedicated to stoners. It will be called Four Twenty. It will just have tons of munchies, drinks, the works when it comes to what stoners want for munchies. And it will also be a head shop.

    I'm gonna be a bazillionaire!
  2. Do it where I live. Pasadena, california, 2nd largest stoner community in CA after san francisco.
  3. Haha. Either this idea, or my two friends and I (One knows a lot about weed and how to grow it and everything and the other is a great chef.) I am good with computers, so we were gonna start a LAN Cafe/Reteraunt/Smoke Shop. Of course, we'd make it in Amsterdam. It'd be a one stop shop. Smoke, get munchies and eat, want to relax from eating and play some games. :hello:
  4. Smoke friendly cafe. We've got a few in Toronto but I haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting. Go on and open one. We can always use more on this side of the pond. Lots in Amsterdam but not as many here. Best of luck, dude.
  5. Haha and then a sober guy comes in and owns all of you. Haha.

    But hey i'd be there.
  6. silly potheads....lol

    so u want to open a store thats basically a headshop that sells food. or a convenience store that sells bongs.

    well, either way, youre a dumbass and i hope you try out your idea so i can laugh when u go outta business in a week and you finally realize that youre just a dumb stoner!

    im just playin...its all good. (your idea is still stupid tho) :D

  7. I really fail to see how opening up a business for a clientele which we know already exists is stupid.
  8. Someone with photoshop skills make the 7/11 logo, but with 420.

  9. Then, we can have different sizes of slurpees. The biggest being the "Cotton Mouth Special" or the "Oh my God, I've been so thirsty!"
  10. that would have to be a big store. ive craved just about every food on earth while hi.........
  11. lmao!

    hahaha wow are u high or just really stupid?

    just cuz u have a potential market doesnt mean your business will be successful.....thats obvious. lol....im not even gonna bother to explain myself because its really just common sense to anyone with an IQ over 80....:D
  12. I'm talking munchy time foods. Not 5 course meals :p

    I was thinking of that idea! Have a 4 instead of a 7 and then spell out twenty going through it.

    Oh, and theHit, don't be such a prick.
  13. only if u admit that this whole thread is a joke...lol
  14. Maybe it was a joke, maybe it wasn't. What's it to you?

    Got nothing nice to say...how does the saying go...oh yeah...then shut your mouth.
  15. Although I agree that they probably are youngsters with alot to learn about the real world. But you belittling someone for having a dream, makes you look 100 times worse than he would have. And also I know its' extremley cliche' to grammar police, but you calling someone a dumbass when you fail to use proper english, really doesn't help.

    To the original poster, sounds like a store I would love to see! Just remember to go to business school. Running a simple store is not as simple as it would seem! Chase your dream!
  16. Haha, thanks. It is kind of just a dream though. I do plan on getting a degree in Business Management after I get my degree in Video Game Development which i am working on right now :)
  17. i dont belittle people for their dreams, i belittle people for their stupid ideas.

    hell, im a dreamer myself......
  18. Somebody took this post a little to seriously.

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