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Discussion in 'General' started by bitchimightbe, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. I've never bought a new phone. iPhone 6, and I was lucky to lease the phone without a contract plan!
    It's so nice. I feel so inspired to organize my life...
    What kind of phone do you have?

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  2. Financing for the fucking win lol it's the only thing that helped me get the s5 that I'll be getting next month.
    At the moment the galaxy s3. I'm #TeamAndroid :p
  3. Droid 4 life! iphone sucks unless its unlocked and jailbroken
  4. Sony Fan, Xperia Z waterproof phone series for the win
  5. OMG like totally!
  6. I have an old LG Motion that is about to kick rocks.
  7. i just stepped into the world of smartphones a couple weeks ago. got the galaxy 5. love the sheeeit out of it. 
  8. I had a s1 until about 6 months ago. I got the note 2 and will not go back to another phone for the next few phones. It's perfect for me.
  9. Jailbroken iPhone 5

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  10. Nokia 113
    I'll cherish every day I don't have a smartphone to deal with. Oh yeah and *something fucked about being a 90's kid blah blah*. 
  11. Team Android for life, bro. :metal:
  12. I've got a 3310, can't beat snake 2
  13. Android. No idea what model. Is that weird?
    Droid =/= Android 
    But in case someone is a threat, you can beat them with the phone without fear of ever damaging the phone  ;)
  16. Wow, a product of slave labor inspired you? An inanimate object? Nothing els like family, friends, careers, patriotism, etc? I,could understand inspiration from art, but not a,device that's going to expose my head to radiation made by asian slave children for an evil corporation that could be providing jobs to Americans with a pay rate that allows them to afford the damn phone in the first place without having to use financing (0_o)
  17. Buying a sketch pad can't inspire you to do art? Sounds like you just want to insult someone. I bet my marbles something you own is a product of slave labour.

    I have the iPhone 4 which is surprising still working very good considering I bought it when it came out. I'd like to purchase a brand new iPhone 5s. Not too big on the 6, don't get me wrong, it's a nice phone, but not as "rugged" as the older models.

    I want something I can hike, cycle, rock climb and snowboard with

  18. I fucking loved my iPhone back when I was a slick city kid with a slick kid phone.
    Now I'm about that Motorola Defy+ and running Android, of course. Not because I care, but it's what's paid for through work. I dig it, actually. I also dig that it's a fucking beast and waterproof.

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