Just got a ph/moist/Light tester cheap

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  1. Well I have been growing for 2 1/2 weeks with no Ph meter I just got 1 in the mail from Amazon for 12$ usd no shipping. Should I use it or keep growing without it I am testing my noob skill with trial and error to see what I have learned just from reading and I know it helps when your able to figure out how to fix a problem yourself without tools it makes u learn faster but they are only bag seed that I'm testing before my real autos come kaya47 and biodiesel mass kush. I thank I will use it on 1 plant never know when I will need it rather messup on unknown strains than my good stuff anyways here goes pics I will post the link if anyone wants to buy 1 just let me know

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  2. Hate to say it after you ordered it but most soil PH meters are junk, they are not that accurate at reading the soils PH, they`l give you a general idea but not an accurate reading. I had one when I first started and it rarely moved off of 6.8 when in fact the PH run off was closer to 7.2 when tested with a $70.00 digital meter and explained why I was still having problems. When it comes to PH meters you really do get what you pay for in terms of accurate PH readings. A cheap Hanna or Milwauke starter digital PH meter will run you about $25-30, $20.00 for some PH Up & Down and about $10.00 for some calibration solution for the meter. Its better to test the water run then the soil. There are some very accurate soil Ph meters on the internet but are way out of the average growers price range,
  3. Thanks I did not want to use it anyway I was just getting 1 incase I thought it was digital but o well it will do for just sitting around....

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