Just got a new bubbler?

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  1. So I'm kind of a newbie at this, (I started smoking like a month ago), and I just got a new tiny bubbler for $25 and I was wondering if you guys think it's worth it or not. :smoking: I think it hits pretty great, but I'm not the expert at this kind of thing, you guys are :wave:

    So yeah... if any of you could take a look at it, it would be much appreciated :D

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  2. i like the way it looks except in the color department, dosent look very thin thats a plus, and a decent price too dude, nice.
  3. yea man thats a nice pickup gudjob but i would have to tryed to negotiate $20 instead of $25 but yea great pickup and i like it clear cuz u can see wen it need to be cleaned..NICE!
  4. it kind of looks like a snake, a snake covered by invisible ink.
  5. Prtety bulber, lol.

  6. haha you are stoned, because i am and thats exactly what i thought, +rep

    but i got a colored one just like that for 20 bucks, you should have asked if they had a colored one
  7. Nice...keep that thing clean and youll be golden!
  8. Hey thanks fer the replies you guys :D And yeah I know, the color is bad, but the guy said it was a color changing one, so I'm hoping I'll get a new shade after I smoke out of it more :p
    Oh and the reason it's not clean is cause I was just toking outta it, hehe.
  9. looks like a solid piece bro. not too fancy but probably gets the job done ;)
  10. i cant really tell how big it is, but it looks pretty good
  11. i like it, it's also my favorite kind of piece (sherlock bubbler with a carb). i like that it's clear, you can watch the smoke.
  12. That's really good for $25! Nice!

    I love clear bubblers, fun to rip!
  13. can't wait to see what it will look like after some more smoke sessions

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